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An online Glossary of terms and eponyms used in histotechnology, histochemistry and immunohistochemistry is now available. It is published by the Biological Stain Commission and is to be revised and expanded from time to time. Notable features are extensive crosslinks between the entries, and explanations of terminology related to chemical and physical mechanisms involved in the methods.
DOI links are now provided for several of John Kiernan's peer-reviewd papers

Obtaining books by John Kiernan

Kumar, G. L. & Kiernan, J. A. (Eds) 2010. Education Guide: Special Stains and H & E. 2nd ed. Carpinteria, CA: Dako North America. 300 pages. (Dako is now part of Agilent Technologies.)  Download PDF file (the whole book, free) from this link.

The 10th edition of Barr's The Human Nervous System (2014) co-authored with Dr Nagalingam Rajakumar. Philadelphia: Wolters-Kluver. ISBN 9781451173277  Publisher's web page.  

The 5th edition of Histological and Histochemical Methods (2015)  Banbury, UK: Scion Publishing.  ISBN 9781907904325  Also available as an e-book.  See Scion's web page.

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Last updated: January 2020