Reviews by Ian Klymchuk


Ian Klymchuk is president of the Lucan chapter of the Philistine Liberation Organization. He wrote these reviews to put the stamp of the PLO onto the typical tone of boring reviews of snooty stuff. They are listed in the order in which he wrote them, which helps the reader understand the unfolding story about his friend Benny, their wives, and Ian's twin daughters.

Body Checks into the CD corner -- a review of Mercury's Living Presence CD reissue of Dorati conducting Respighi. (Mercury: 432-007-2)
See this Play -- a review of an experimental production of Waiting for Godot, presented at the University of Western Ontario.
Snooty Food for Snooty People -- a review of Sebastian's, a yuppie restaurant/food emporium in London, Ontario
I'd Rather Watch Curling -- a review of Les Miserables, performed in Toronto
The Blue Ridge Cafe -- it used to be an amazing restaurant in Longview, Alberta
White Subtitles against White Clouds -- a review of the film, Europa, Europa
Three Cheers and One Cheer Less -- a review of Stratford's HMS Pinafore
What a Buffet!! -- Wheel's Inn and The Tree Restaurant - what a buffet!

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