Graduate & Professional Programs for Psychology Students


What kinds of graduate and professional programs are terrific options for psychology students?

Many undergraduate students in psychology are interested in continuing their studies in a graduate or professional program, but aren't really sure of their options, the application process, or what they can do in their 2nd-, 3rd-, or 4th-year to position themselves for a successful application.

This series of pages was created to help psychology students at King's to become familiar with potential directions they may take after graduating with their undergraduate degree. This information is relevant to undergraduate psychology students at any Canadian university.

This series of pages includes:
  • Professional programs: Suggestions of graduate and professional programs that are great options for psych grads
  • Grad school: A description of 'classic' graduate programs in psychology (including clinical, experimental, forensic), with details about applying to grad school and funding for grad students
  • Ideas about how to gain experience in psychology and related fields through volunteering as an undergrad. 
Applications for graduate and professional programs are typically due in December or January for admission in the coming September, so it's important to plan for the application process well in advance of the deadlines and in advance of graduation. 

King's also has a career services center. Your tuition covers career services offered by King's and the Student Success Center at Western; don't hesitate to take advantage of this wealth of knowledge and support! It's never too early (or too late!) to consider the wide range of options available.

You can browse through these pages in as a 'story' or flip through using the links below.

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