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The following are some of my publications which I make available here for you to browse.

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- Books-

The Communist Ideal in Hegel and Marx (1984)

Hegel, Marx, and the English State (1996)

Hegel and Marx After the Fall of Communism (1998)

Note: You must download Acrobat Reader to view these files for copyright reasons.  It's a free download.

The Deep Politics of September 11: Political Economy of Concrete Evil
          Published in Confronting 9-11, Ideologies of Race, and Eminent Economists

"Canada's Hegel", Published in Literary Review of Canada , June, 1994

"IT AYN'T RAND," Published in Critical Review, 1997

Hegel and Marx After the Fall of Communism

---Papers Given---
The State at Dusk
The Strange Case of Dr.Hegel and Mr.Marx


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