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Metastasio Correspondence

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The information is listed in the following formats.

Letter Incipits:

A-D | E-J | L-N | O-V

A-B | C-L | M-S | T-Z

1698-1752 | 1753-1762
1763-1770 | 1771-1817

Information in the individual entries:

(Order varies depending on the list being viewed.)
  • Full name of addressee
  • Location of the addressee
  • Number of the letter in the Brunelli edition (see below)
  • Text incipit of the letter
  • Location from which Metastasio wrote the letter
  • Date on which the letter was written

The letter numbers refer to those assigned in:
Metastasio, Pietro. Tutte le opere di Pietro Metastasio. Edited by Bruno Brunelli. 5 vols. Verona: Mondadori, 1951-65, vols. 1-2

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