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Metastasio Discography:
Audio and Video Recordings

(Version 1: Continuous alphabetical list)
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This discography was based on the collection of Don Bewley, Professor Emeritus, Massey University, New Zealand. Additional recordings have been added to the original catalogue.

This version of the discography facilitates searches other than those by title.

Version 2 particularly facilitates title searches.

How to browse this discography:

  • Entries are listed alphabetically by title.
  • Use your browser find/search command to find entries according to:

    - Composer    - Location    - Performer    - Orchestra

    - Date    - Genre    - Conductor    - Catalogue Number

  • Although version 2 is suggested for title searches, such searches can be carried out readily within this version, but will be slower.
    • As above, use your browser find/search command to specify a title.
  • Alternate titles are cross-referenced; therefore,
    • If you select such a title, "click" on the "see" reference given.

Order of information in the individual entries:

  • Title of the complete work (in italics) or
    • Title of an individual number from the larger work ("in Roman")
  • First composer of the original complete work
  • Date and place of either first performance or of completion (a preceding "?" = uncertain)
  • Italian generic term / English generic term where appropriate
  • Volume and page number in the Brunelli edition of Metastasio's complete works; e.g. [Br.II, 33]
  • Title (if alternate), composer, place, and date of this version of the complete work or
    • Type of excerpt (aria, scena, independent aria, etc.)
  • Location - character, act, and scene in Metastasio's original work; e.g. [Deidamia: 3,3]
  • Location - act and scene in present work - [1,6] or [n.m. = not a Metastasian text]
  • Title of excerpt and composer
  • Performer(s) - vocal, then instrumental
  • Conductor and orchestra
  • Title of recording
  • Recording company, type of recording (CD, LP, VC, etc.), and catalogue number
  • Additional information (booklet, jacket notes, etc.) provided with the recording

Clicking the link on the word "note" added at the end of some entries, will open in the frame at the bottom of the screen an additional comment on the particular item from the compiler of this discography

Clicking the link on the title of any entry, will open in the frame at the bottom of the screen a citation for Metastasio's original work from the Metastasio Workslist. This entry contains:

  • The title of the work followed by its abbreviation (in parenthesis)
  • The genre that the work represents and the abbreviation for the genre [in square brackets]
  • A full list of the dramatis personae
  • The text of the first line of the work
  • The composer, place and date of the first performance (or date of completion) if known
  • (In many instances), a note about the occasion of the first performance
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