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Text Incipits of the Metastastio Lyrical Stanzas

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Aria and Stanza Incipits of the Poetic Works of Pietro Metastasio

How to browse this index:

  • Entries are arranged alphabetically by incipit; therefore:
    • Select the appropriate letter for the incipit from the alphabet in the left hand column
  • To return to the incipits page, "click" on "Incipits Page" in the left hand column
  • To return to the Metastasio home page, "click" on "Home Page" in the left hand column.

Order of information in the individual entries:

  • Text incipit
  • (Where appropriate) the character who expresses the incipit (abbreviated)
  • Work to which the incipit belongs (abbreviated)
  • Location in the work where the incipit occurs (line, stanza, or act and scene)
  • Volume and page number where the incipit occurs in the Brunelli edition of Metastasio's works
  • A "#" before a scena incipit indicates that this scena actually appears in at least one setting. The location for the scena will be given under the separate listing for the aria

A "click" on the abbreviated title of any entry will bring into the box at the bottom of the screen a citation for Metastasio's original work from the Metastasio Workslist. This entry contains:

  • The title of the work followed by its abbreviation (in parenthesis)
  • The genre that the work represents and the abbreviation for the genre [in square brackets]
  • A full list of the dramatis personae
  • The text of the first line of the work
  • The composer, place and date of the first performance (or date of completion) if known
  • (In many instance), a note about the occasion of the first performance
The volume and page numbers given refer to:
Metastasio, Pietro. Tutte le opere di Pietro Metastasio. Edited by Bruno Brunelli. 5 vols. Verona: Mondadori, 1951-65, vols. 1-2
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