Tilottama Rajan

Tilottama Rajan is Canada Research Chair and Distinguished University Professor at the University of Western Ontario, where she was Director of the Centre for Theory and Criticism from 1995-2001. Before coming to Western in 1990, she taught at Queen's University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was a Visiting Professor at the University of California San-Diego.

The author of four books and over seventy articles, she has also edited or coedited seven book collections. Her research and supervisory interests include British Romantic literature (the 1790s novel, Mary Shelley, and the now marginalized "Big Six"), Romantic philosophy and science, and Contemporary Theory (particularly deconstruction and phenomenology) in its interrelations with Romantic and Idealist philosophy.

Having just published a book on Romantic Narrative, she is now working on two further projects: a genealogy of encyclopedic and comprehensive thinking from Idealism and Romanticism to Deconstruction; and a book that reads between Hegel and Schelling on a number of topics including aesthetics, historiography, the life and earth sciences, and organizations of knowledge.

Tilottama Rajan

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