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the TAI lab

at the University of Western Ontario

Citizens of the Tai lab

Vera Tai
Dr. Vera Tai - Assistant Professor and Principle Investigator

I am fascinated by the diversity of microorganisms and the dependence of ecosystems on microbial processes. My expertise is in marine microbial ecology, and my research has focused on primary producers, including the biogeography of cyanobacteria and the diversity of viruses infecting harmful bloom forming phytoplankton. My research program has expanded to understanding trophic interactions of the lower food web, particularly protist symbionts of zooplankton, and microbial symbiosis in insect guts. I also have collaborations investigating the effects of climate change on peat bogs and the ecotoxicology of new chemical coatings to prevent corrosion. In my research, I specialize in developing molecular, genomics, metabarcoding, and bioinformatic methods to elucidate the biology and ecology of environmental microbes.

Graduate Students

Paul Wan

Paul is investigating the role of the microbiome in the development of ginseng research disease.

Molecular biology in the field
The Tai lab is currently recruiting graduate students.

If you are motivated by microbial ecology, diversity and evolution, genomics, or bioinformatics, this could be the lab for you!

Visit our Research page to learn about current projects and contact Dr. Tai with your CV and university transcript.

Current Undergraduate Students

Sarah Gowanlock, Honour's thesis student, co-supervised with Jessica Prodger, 2021-

Mikhail Salnikov, Work-study student, co-supervised with Ryan Troyer, 2021-

Tai lab alumni

Rosie Savage, MSc

Rosie's research focused on the use of DNA-based methods to evaluate the diversity and distribution of protist parasites in zooplankton populations. Now a Marine Genomics Lab Technician at the Hakai Institute.

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Liam Brown, MSc

Co-supervised with Ed Topp, Liam's research used metagenomics to examine the prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes and mobile genetic elements in agricultural soils exposed to antibiotic pollution. Soon to be a Bioinformatician with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Past Undergraduate Students

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Andrew Metcalfe, Honour's thesis student, 2020-2021

Manveer Sangha, Honour's thesis student, 2020-2021

Jaquline Nathaniel, Honour's thesis student, 2020-2021

Alexandra Hicks, Honour's thesis student, 2019-2020

Irina Todoran, Honour's thesis student, 2019-2020

Alexandra Ferrara, Honour's thesis student, 2017-2019

Vivian Ng, Honour's thesis student, 2017-2018

Jonathan Wang, volunteer, 2018