Graduate Level

Current Students

Lina Johnston (Ph.D. student, 2012 to present). General topic: Cuban agriculture.

Catherine Villar (Ph.D. student, 2011 to present). General topic: Community supported agriculture in southwestern Ontario.

Heather Millman (Ph.D. student, 2011 to present). General topic: Green medicine and Paraguayan migrants in Canada.

Brian Venne (M.A. student, 2011 to present). General topic: Urban agriculture in Windsor, Ontario.

Past Students

Monica Kelly (M.A., 2010-2012). Thesis title: Cultivating Respect for Difference: Exploring the Enactment of Community at HOPE Garden in Parkdale, Toronto.

Jennifer Long (Ph.D., 2007-2011). Thesis title: Shifting Notions of Citizenship in the Netherlands (joint supervision with Dr. Randa Farah).

Aaron Lawrence (M.A., 2009-2011). Thesis title: Urban Agriculture as a Place-Making Project in Havana and Detroit.

Becky Ellis (M.A., 2008-2010). Thesis title: Sowing the Seeds of Democracy: Community Gardening in Parkdale, Toronto.

Yeh Lavi (M.A., 2007-2009). Thesis title: Taiwanese Indigenous Education in the Urban Environment: A Case Study of Kaohsiung Municipal Cianjhen Junior High School (co-supervision with Karl Hele).