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Other laboratories and collaborators

Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory
Hellmann Lab - Notre Dame
Insect Ecophysiology at the Czech Academy of Sciences
Ken Storey's frozen frog page
Miami University Cryobiology pages
Ramlov Lab - Roskilde University
Roberts Lab - UNLV
SPACE - Spatial, Physiological and Conservation Ecology at Stellenbosch University
Socha Lab, Virgina Tech
Stillman Lab - San Francisco State
Thomas Buckley - Landcare Research NZ

Equipment we use 
(this does not constitute an endorsement by the lab, its members, or The University of Western Ontario)

Sable Systems International - Respirometry and other gadgets
Pico Technology - Data Loggers
iButton - Data loggers
Otago Osmometers - Nanolitre Osmometers and more

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