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The Sinclair Lab is always growing and changing - please check back regularly for opportunities.  

Opportunities in molecular and integrative insect physiology

In the Sinclair lab, we try to understand the mechanisms underlying the ability for insects to survive being frozen solid, and how insects protect their cells from damage in the cold. We have opportunities for two enthusiastic, dedicated, and creative MSc or PhD students who love science, embrace diversity in all its forms, and play well with others to join us for the ride.

We work hard without taking ourselves too seriously, and Sinclair lab graduates win awards, write highly-cited papers, and go on to stellar careers in science, industry, and conservation. We like to think that at least some of this success is because of our supportive mentoring, vibrant intellectual community, unparalleled facilities, extensive international networks, and opportunities for travel. It could also be because everyone who joins us is already awesome and our questions are cutting-edge and exciting, but that’s a good reason to come, too!

Canadian MSc and PhD students with interest in insects, physiology, cell biology and/or molecular biology (or any kind of solid biology background and a willingness to step outside their comfort zone) are encouraged to contact Brent about starting in the next year. Exceptional international PhD applicants are welcome to get in touch in advance of the program application of May 1 2018, but please be aware that opportunities are rather more limited. Check out the Sinclair lab website http://publish.uwo.ca/~bsincla7/index.html and the information for prospective students in the Biology program http://www.uwo.ca/biology/graduate/prospective/index.html, and drop Brent Sinclair (bsincla7@uwo.ca) a line if you would like to talk more about joining our team.

[See below for our expectations of graduate students. At this point we are looking for Domestic MSc or PhD students, but if you are an international student with an interest in the PhD program and an exceptional record, please get in touch to discuss.]

    If you are an undergrad in Biology and would like to volunteer with the Sinclair lab, please contact Dr. Sinclair to see if we have any opportunities.  We expect our undergrad volunteers to be dedicated and reliable - but we also promise to make it a rewarding experience.
The Sinclair lab is a vibrant, productive, diverse, and collegial place.  This is due to the outstanding lab members.  We welcome new people (and visitors), and love working together to achieve excellent results.  We don't care about your gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, home language, cultural background, or nationality (although there are some regrettable financial constraints that limit the number of international students we can host at any one time) - we just want to interact with bright, engaged scientists!  Because we ask questions across a range of (mainly terrestrial arthropod) taxa and levels of organisation from molecules to ecosystems, there are projects to fit a broad range of interests and goals, and there is plenty of encouragement to add your 'special sauce' of creativity, techniques and viewpoints to the lab.  Join us - you know you want to!
  • Outstanding students interested in working in the lab are welcome to contact Dr. Brent Sinclair at any time to initiate informal discussion.  Canadian citizens and permanent residents are particularly welcome, but there is sometimes an opportunity for an outstanding international student, so please don't hesitate to contact me.  You don't have to hold a scholarship right now, but must be of the standard that would lead to success: this means a strong academic record (averages well above 80 for Canadians or 85% for international students), evidence of research aptitude and creativity (e.g. publication in international journals), excellent English skills, and a real hunger to do well academically.  Students in the lab are held to a very high standard of creativity, collegiality and productivity - it's what makes the place fun!
  • In general, please read the pdfs on Ray Huey's pages about graduate study before contacting me - they give you a good idea of what to expect.  Please do not contact me unless you have a very strong academic background, high fluency in written and oral English and a genuine interest in, and some understanding of, what I do.  Reading some papers might be a good start.  An academic CV or resume and an unofficial transcript are also helpful for the beginning stages of the discussion.  I'm afraid I'll delete without reply (or worse - reply with sarcasm to) generic emails that are clearly part of a mass-mailing.
Postdoctoral fellows with a competitive publication record in international journals and who are prepared to apply for their own fellowships are welcome to contact me at any time.