Welcome to the Staroverov Group Website

We develop theoretical methods and computer programs for studying the electronic structure, physical properties, and chemical reactions of molecules and solids. The focus of our activities is on the Kohn–Sham density-functional method, particularly on designing new density-functional approximations in terms of Kohn–Sham effective potentials. We also use electronic structure methods to solve practical problems of chemistry, spectroscopy, and materials science.

Accepting Graduate Students

MSc and PhD student positions are available to start in 2015. For examples of graduate research projects, see our publications. To apply, start here.

Other Positions

Postdoctoral fellow: One postdoc position is available to start in 2015. The research area is broadly defined as theoretical analysis and practical development of electronic structure methods. The candidate should have (or expect) a PhD in theoretical chemistry or physics. Code development experience with at least one quantum chemistry package is a must. Qualified candidates are encouraged to contact me by e-mail for further details.

Contact Info
Prof. Viktor N. Staroverov
Department of Chemistry
The University of Western Ontario
London, ON N6A 5B7, Canada
E-mail: vstarove@uwo.ca