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Research in the Lindo lab integrates community ecology, ecosystem ecology, and taxonomy to study the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function in Canadian soil systems.  We use a natural model system of moss, microbes, and microarthropods (called the bryosphere) to ask community and ecosystem-scale questions in the field and under controlled greenhouse environments.

General Research Interests

  • Processes that generate, maintain or alter patterns of biodiversity

  • Causes and consequences of biodiversity loss

  • Relationship between biodiversity and terrestrial ecosystem function

Now seeking graduate students for 2017

Lab News

The Lindo Lab looks forward to welcoming Jordan Kustec as a MSc student starting in January 2017.

Catherine adds another publication to her CV with "Peatland carbon dynamics driven by plant growth form — evidence of graminoid priming effects" look for it soon in Plant and Soil.

Asma has another manuscript from her PhD thesis accepted for publication in Microbial Ecology titled "Experimental climate change modifies degradative succession in boreal peatland fungal communities"