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Research in the Lindo lab integrates community ecology, ecosystem ecology, and taxonomy to study the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function in Canadian forest soil systems.  We use a natural model system of moss, microbes, and microarthropods (called the bryosphere) to ask ecosystem-scale questions in the field and under controlled greenhouse environments.

General Research Interests

  • Processes that generate, maintain or alter patterns of biodiversity
  • Causes and consequences of biodiversity loss
  • Relationship between biodiversity and terrestrial ecosystem function

Interested in joining the lab?


Congratulations to Margaret on winning the Ontario Biology Day - Botany award for her Honour's presentation "Microbial carbon and nitrogen cycling in the boreal bryosphere under climate change"

Zoe will be teaching at Ohio State Summer Acarology program this summer (Oribatid week!)

The Lindo lab is recruiting for Sept. 2014 or Jan. 2015