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From time to time, members of the Sinclair lab are featured in the media. Sometimes this is because of a specific publication, sometimes our broader body of interest and work... and sometimes it's just because we were willing to pick up the phone!

If you are in the media and would like to talk to one or more of us about our research, our door is always open. Your best approach is to drop Brent an email, with a brief description of what you are looking for. He's always happy to chat, but can also direct you to other lab members (or other scientists) who may provide a better expert perspective. 

We *love* talking about bugs, and will happily do so for any audience - try us!  We are also always available to give talks, presentations, or outreach events for schools or community groups.

Here are a few of our recent (and not-so-recent, if the links are still alive) appearances in the media:

Beetle mitophagy in diapause
2022 - CBC Radio
2022 - New Scientist
2022 - Western Press Release

What does this warm/cold/normal/snowy winter mean for bugs?

2019 - London Free Press
2019 - Western News
2019 - Bloomberg
2012 - Toronto Star

How do bugs survive in cold places?
2019 - Ottawa Free Press
2019 - The Gazette
2018 - Open Mind (also in Spanish)
2018 -
2015 - CBC TV and radio
2015 - Business Insider

Appearances based on specific research:
2019 - Jantina Toxopeus' work on cricket freeze toerlance was featured on CBC Radio's Fresh Air.
2016 - Susan Anthony's work on thermal biology and immersion tolerance of Arctic pseudoscorpions was covered by the BBC.
2016 - Our work on the molecular mechanisms of cold acclimation was covered by the London Free Press, CTV news, and ScienceDaily.
2014 - Katie Marshall found a new kind of fat in flies while working in the lab! You can read about the work in Inside JEB, on LiveScience, in the London Free Press, or listen to the interview on CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks.
2013 - Our work on metabolism in frozen frogs was on CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks, This work was also featured in Inside JEB, and on the CBC website.
2012 - Heath MacMillan's seminal work on the role of ion balance in recovery from chill coma kicked up a storm. You can read about it everywhere from to Nature World News to the London Free Press and
2012 -
Brent Sinclair and Alice Dennis were interviewed on Radio New Zealand National's 'Our changing World' about the evolution of cold tolerance in stick insects. You can download the .mp3 here, or listen to it straight off the web: 

2012 - Caroline Williams' work on the effects of mild winters on caterpillar energetics was covered widely, here by ScienceDaily.
2009 - our work using synchrotron x-rays to study freezing in maggots was covered globally, here's a summary on ScienceDaily.
2009 - Katie Marshall's work on the effects of repeated cold exposure on flies was featured globally, for example here in The original paper was in Proc. R. Soc. B

2018 - present - Check out postdoc Meghan Duell's Blog
2018 - Bug swarms on CBC News