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Brent carrying a canoe


Graduate Students
Arani Cuevas-Sanchez (She/Her)
(MS Washington State U)
Untangling the cues for freeze tolerance acclimation

Mika da Silva Lima (He/Him)

(MS University of Nebraska Lincoln)
Applied Evolutionary Physiology of insect gas exchange

Yanira Jiménez Padilla (She/Her)

(MSc Western)
Effect of gut yeasts on Drosophila performance

Stefane Saruhashi (She/Her)

(MSc, University of Săo Paulo, Brazil)
Oxidative stress and freeze tolerance

Kurtis Turnbull (He/Him)
(BScH, Dalhousie)
Overwintering biology of Western Bean Cutworm (Jointly supervised by Dr. Jeremy McNeil)
(Currently on education leave)

Betty Paton (She/Her)
(BScH, U of Toronto)
Freeze tolerance in the cricket nervous system

USRA and Honours Thesis
Ayumi Lam (She/Her)
Honours thesis
Fluid excretion during thawing in freeze tolerant crickets

Hafsa Ahmed
Ahmed Al-Mohammed
Diya Gupta
Isabel Lewin
Isabella Marovinovich

Ali Nigim
Drake Vink
Budvin Wiketillake
Prakhyath Yeturi

Lab Visitors & Technical Support
Menno Bok Hypoxia in frozen crickets (MSc student visiting from Radboud University in the Netherlands)
Lamees Mohammad (She/Her) Cricket neuroanatomy
Amanda Lynn Stubley (She/Her) Writing wrangler

Halloween costumes
The Sinclair Lab as 'Mendel and his peas', Winners of the Biology Department Halloween costume contest 2008.  (L-R): Heath MacMillan (MSc), Lauren Strachan (MSc), Erfan Vafaie (Honours, back), Katie Marshall (MSc, front), Dr. Brent Sinclair, Dr Stephi Sobek (postdoc), Jill Crosthwaite (MSc), Caroline Williams (PhD), Diana Balmer (Honours).

Roll of Honour
Chris Lee (2007) - UWO Gold Medal in Animal Physiology
Lauren Strachan (2008) - CSZ Travel Award
Lauren Strachan (2008) - ESO Travel Award
Katie Marshall (2009) - SICB Division of Invertebrate Zoology Best student Poster
Katie Marshall (2009) - SICB Adrian M. Wenner Strong Inference Award
Heath MacMillan (2009) - Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Caroline Williams (2009) - Faculty of Science Graduate student research grant.
Caroline Williams (2010) - Robert and Ruth Lumsden Graduate fellowship.
Heath MacMillan (2010) - NSERC PGS-D (upgraded to Canada Graduate Scholarship)
Caroline Williams (2010) - Faculty of Science Graduate Student Teaching Award
Caroline Williams (2010) - American Physiological Society Scholander Award
Caroline Williams (2010) - APS Intersociety meeting best oral presentation
Katie Marshall (2010) - APS Intersociety meeting student travel award
Katie Marshall (2010) - Entomological Society of Ontario best oral presentation.
Katie Marshall (2010) - QEIIGSST (a scholarship, even though it sounds like an antioxidant)
Caroline Williams (2010) - Ruth Horner Arnold Graduate Fellowship
Katie Marshall (2011) - NSERC PGS-D
Caroline Williams (2011) - Epcor water CSZ travel award
Caroline Williams (2011) - Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Caroline Williams (2011) - FoS Graduate thesis research award
Katie Marshall (2011) - FoS Graduate thesis research award
Evelyn Boychuk (2011) - White Mountain Research Station research minigrant
Joe Stinziano (2011) - Metro Inc. Scholarship
Hiroko Udaka (2012) - JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship
Sarah Lake (2012) - Best speaker, Health and Physiology, Ontario Biology Day
Sarah Lake (2012) - Best presentation, Phys&Biochem, Biology Dept Honours day
Katie Marshall (2012) - Ruth Horner Arnold Graduate Fellowship
Hiroko Udaka (2012) - Honourable Mention, 3 minute research competition, Western Postdoctoral Forum
Katie Marshall (2013) - SICB Bruce Sidell Award for best presentation in Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry
Laura Ferguson (2013) - NSERC PGS-D
Lauren Des Marteaux (2013) NSERC CGS-D
Laura Ferguson (2013) - Ruth Horner Arnold Graduate Fellowship
Katie Marshall (2013) - John W Arnold Fellowship in Zoology
Heath MacMillan (2013) - J.D. Detwiler award for the most outstanding Biology PhD thesis
Jackie Lebenzon (2014) Joint best presentation, Phys&Biochem, Biology Dept Honours day
Laura Ferguson (2014) - Helen Battle award for best student poster, CSZ/CSL/CSEE joint meeting, Montreal
Alexander McKinnon (2014) - Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Lauren Des Marteaux (2014) - President's poster prize, Entomological Society of Ontario annual meeting
Alexander McKinnon (2014) - runner-up, President's oral presentation prize, Entomological Society of Ontario Annual Meeting
Laura Ferguson (2014) - Michael Locke Travel Scholarship
Laura Ferguson (2015) - Best student presentation, SICB Division of Ecoimmunology and Disease Ecology, West Palm Beach, Florida
Jantina Toxopeus (2015) - Orthopterists' society research grant
Susan Anthony (2015) - Northern Scientific Training Programme grant
Jantina Toxopeus (2015) - Ruth Horner Arnold Graduate Fellowship
Laura Ferguson (2015) - Malcolm Ferguson Award
Lauren Des Marteaux (2015) - President's Prize for best oral presentation (biocontrol), Entomological Society of Canada, Montreal, Quebec
Jantina Toxopeus (2016) - NSERC Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement
Susan Anthony (2016) - Northern Scientific Training Programme grant
Susan Anthony (2016) - NSERC PGS-D (upgraded to CGS-D in 2018)
Jackie Lebenzon (2016) - NSERC CGS-M
Kurtis Turnbull (2016) - NSERC CGS-M
Kurtis Turnbull (2016) - Holeton Prize for best Comparative Physiology & Biochemistry poster, CSZ, London
Lauren Des Marteaux (2016) - Irene Uchida Fellowship in Life Sciences
Jantina Toxopeus -(2016) - Malcolm Ferguson Award
Jantina Toxopeus (2017) - Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Jackie Lebenzon (2017) - Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Jackie Lebenzon (2017) - Helen Battle Award for best student poster, CSZ, Winnipeg
Susan Anthony (2017) - J.D. Detwiler award for graduate student research in Biology
Kurtis Turnbull (2017) - NSERC PGS-D
Jackie Lebenzon (2017) - NSERC PGS-D
Kurtis Turnbull (2017) - President's Prize for best student poster - Entomological Society of Ontario, Guelph
Laura Ferguson (2017) - John W. Arnold Fellowship in Zoology
Kurtis Turnbull (2018) - JEB travelling fellowship
Laura Ferguson (2018) - T.W.M. Cameron Prize for best PhD thesis, Canadian Society of Zoologists
Jantina Toxopeus (2018) - Robert and Ruth Lumsden Graduate Fellowship
Jackie Lebenzon (2018) - Malcolm Ferguson Award
Kurtis Turnbull (2018) - (Joint) President's Prize for best student presentation, Entomological Society of Ontario Annual Meeting.
Jackie Lebenzon (2019) - Best student poster, SICB Division of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry, Tampa, FL.
Yanira Jiménez Padilla (2019) - Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Jackie Lebenzon (2019) - J.D. Detwiler award
Jackie Lebenzon (2019) - Best presentation, BGRF
Jackie Lebenzon (2019) - President's Prize for best oral presentation, Entomological Society of Ontario
Kurtis Turnbull (2019) - President's prize for best student poster, Entomological Society of Ontario
Jantina Toxopeus (2019) - John W. Arnold Fellowship in Zoology
Alyssa Stephens (2020) - NSERC CGS-M
Kurtis Turnbull (2020) - Malcolm Ferguson Award
Jackie Lebenzon (2020) - Ian Clarke Graduate Scholarship
Jackie Lebenzon (2021) - Rene R. Roth Memorial Award
Lamees Mohammad (2022) - NSERC CGS-D
Jackie Lebenzon (2022) Detwiler prize for best PhD thesis
Jackie Lebenzon (2023) T.W.M. Cameron award for best PhD Thesis, Canadian Society of Zoologists

Lab Alumni (Undergraduate volunteer and work study Alumni are found here)
Honours thesis/ mini-thesis Grad students and postdocs Technical
Chris Lee (2006-2007) Dr. Arun Rajamohan (Postdoc 2006-2008, now a researcher at USDA in Fargo, ND) Daniel Dillon (2007)
Heath MacMillan (2007-08) Lauren Strachan (MSc 2009, now a part time instructor at UVic and a researcher in the agricultural industry) Heather Tarnowski (2006-2008)
Diana Balmer (2008-09) Martin Vezer (PhD student in Philosophy, lab visitor in 2009-10) Heath MacMillan (2008)
Erfan Vafaie (2008-09) Jill Crosthwaite (MSc 2010, now Conservation Biologist at the Nature Conservancy of Canada) Jill Crosthwaite (2008)
Chelsie Warshafsky (2008-09) Leigh Boardman (MSc exchange from Stellenbosch, 2010) Diana Balmer (2009)
Tony Renda (2009-10) Casper Nyamukondiwa (PhD exchange from Stellenbosch, 2010, now a Lecturer at the Botswana International University of Science and Technology) Aimee Bazinet (2010)
Aimee Bazinet (2009-10) Dr. Stephanie Sobek (Postdoc 2008-2010, now Executive Director of the rare Charitable Scientific Reserve) Lindsay Crawford (2014)
Xinyang (David) Bing (2010-11) Jian (Jane) Zhang (MSc 2010, now a postdoc at Harvard). Meng Lei Zhang (2017-18)
Victoria Ransberry (2010-11) Dr. Caroline Williams (PhD 2011, now an Assistant Prof at UC Berkeley) Aisa Kuper-Psenicnik (2019)
Matt Clarke (2011-2012)
Justin Saindon (MSc 2012, now a Senior analyst, UHN, Toronto)
Alexandra Hicks (2019-2020)
Sarah Lake (2011-2012)
Evelyn Boychuk (MSc 2012, now a freelance science journalist) Meaghan Carlson (2020)

Julia Ahn (2012)
Litza Coello (MSc 2012, now a technician at Koppert Biological Systems) Kevin Ong (2017-2021)
Jackie Lebenzon (2013-14) Dr. Katie Marshall (PhD 2013, now an Assistant Prof at University of British Columbia) Babafemi Adewusi (2020-23)

Michael Brown (2014-15)
Dr. Heath MacMillan (PhD 2013, Now an Assistant Prof at Carleton University) Kaitlyn Ludba (2022)

Brynne Duffy
Aisa Kuper-Psenicnik
Lamees Mohammad
Joanne Tang (2017-18)
Dr. Annegret Nicolai (Postdoc 2012-2013, Now back in Rennes, France) Julia Hammer (2023)

Adam J. Smith
Peter Denezis (2018-19)
Tanya Dann (PhD exchange from New Zealand, 2013) Jay Ing (2023)

Claire Baragar (2019-2020) Golnaz Salehipour-shirazi (MSc 2013, now a PhD student in the Grbic lab, UWO)

Zoe Klein
Ayush Namboothiri
Arteen Torabi-Marashi (2020-21)
Dr. Hiroko Udaka (Postdoc 2010-2014) now an Assistant Professor, Kyoto University, Japan

Sylvia Chong
Chantelle Major (2021-2022)
Fengliang Jin (Postdoc 2013-2014, now an Associate Professor, South China Agricultural University)

Banafsheh Ahmadi (PhD Exchange from Tarbiat Modares University, Iran, 2014)

Ruth Jakobs (MSc 2014, now a PhD student at Bielefeld University, Germany)

Alexander McKinnon (MSc 2015, now at University of Manitoba Medical school)

Dr. Alkistis Elliott-Graves (Occasional visiting Postdoc 2015-2016, now a postdoc at the University of Helsinki)

Dr. Xinjian Xu (Visiting professor 2015-2016. Now an Assistant Professor at FAFU, Fuzhou, China)

Laura Ferguson (PhD 2017, now a Killam postdoc, Dalhousie U)

Lauren Des Marteaux (PhD 2017, now a Research Scientist at AgCanada)

Sirpa Kaunisto (Marie Curie Postdoc 2015-2017, now continuing her research at the University of Eastern Finland)

Tomáš Štětina (visiting PhD student from Czech Academy of Sciences 2017)

Mozhgan Mohammadzadeh (visiting PhD student from Rafsanjan Vali-e-Asr University, Iran)

Jantina Toxopeus (PhD 2018, now a prof at St FX)

John Ciancio (MSc 2018, now working in insect pest control)

Paul Vinu Salachan (Visiting PhD student from Aarhus University, 2018-2019)

Susan Anthony (PhD 2019, livin' it up on Vancouver Island)

Alex Torson (postdoc 2017-21, now staff scientist USDA-ARS Fargo)

D. Catalina Fernández (PhD student, U Windsor, visiting 2020-2021)

Nasim Amiresmaeili (postdoc 2019-21, now an R&D Scientist at The Environmental Factor)

Jacqueline Lebenzon (PhD 2022), now a postdoc at UC Berkeley.

Meghan Duell (postdoc 2018-2022), seeking employment

Alyssa Stephens (MSc 2022, Ontario Nature)

Dr. Vimbai Tarusikirwa (She/Her) (2023)

Smiling members of the Sinclair lab with the large bronze statue of the Guelph Gryphon in the background

The Sinclair lab went to the Entomological Society of Ontario meeting in Guelph, and narrowly escaped the talons of the Guelph Gryphon. Back row (l-r): Betty Paton (MSc), Kaitlyn Ludba (PhD), Stefane Saruhashi (PhD); Front row (l-r) Menno Bok (visiting MSc), Brent Sinclair (gryphon bait). Missing: Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD), Mika da Silva Lima (PhD), Ayumi Lam (BSc Hons).

The Sinclair lab in two rows holding white baskets mostly filled with blueberries in fromt of some shoulder-high blueberry bushes (I was surprised by how big they were!).
The Sinclair lab picked blueberries, and just didn't know where to look! July 2023. Back row (l-r): Yanira JiménezPadilla (PhD), Babafemi Adewusi (lab tech), Stefane Saruhashi (PhD), Dr. Vimbai Tarusikirwa (postdoc), Mika da Silva Lima (PhD). Front row (l-r): Brent Sinclair (mid-quality blueberry-picker), Menno Bok (visiting MSc student), Jay Ing (intern).

LOTS of humans standing in front of a very sparkly ceiling-mounted installation at an art gallery.

Sinclair lab extended lab family, Canadian Society of Zoologists’ annual meeting, Saskatoon, SK, May 2023. Back (l-r): Claire Baragar (BScHons ’20, now MSc in the McClelland lab, McMaster U); Becca Dean (PhD, MacMillan Lab, Carleton U); Serita Fudlosid (PhD, MacMillan Lab, Carleton U); Dr. Laura Ferguson (PhD ‘17; Assistant Professor, Acadia University); Mia Lauzon (BSc Hons, Ferguson Lab, Acadia U); Taylor Swanburg (MSc, Ferguson Lab, Acadia U); Dr. Katie Marshall (PhD 2014, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia); Emily Black (MSc, Marshall Lab, UBC). Middle (l-r): Dr. Fouzia Haider (postdoc, MacMillan Lab, Carleton U); Dr. Jackie Lebenzon (PhD ’22, Postdoc, Williams Lab, UC Berkeley); Brynne Duffy (BScHons ‘18; PhD, Staples Lab, UWO); Stefane Saruhashi (Sinclair lab PhD student); Jarrett Blair (MSc, Marshall Lab, UBC). Front (l-r): Brent’s head, Brent’s feet. Missing (at the conference, but we lost them in the galleries!): Jantina Toxopeus (PhD ’18, Assistant Professor, St Francis Xavier University) and her students Maranda van Oirschot & Sarah Rokosh; and Hossein Asgari, whose PhD Brent [juniorly] co-supervises with Dr. Natasha Mhatre at Western.

Brent is sitting cross-legged on the ground, wearing a bright flowery shirt; Behind him, are Jessica (holding food), Katie, Heath, and Caroline (Caroline has a beer, of course), the the rest are in behind. You can see a bit of the boring hotel conference venue in the background.
Sinclair lab extended family, American Physiological Society Comparative Meeting, San Diego, CA, October 2022 - Back (l-r): Lamees Mohammad (PhD, UWO), Stefane Saruhashi (PhD, UWO), Ella De Nicola (PhD, Carleton), Alex Cheslock (MSc, Carleton), Jackie Lebenzon (PhD UWO '22, now PDF Berkeley), Lisa Treidel (PhD Berkeley '21, now Nebraska), Lourenço Martins (PhD Berkeley).
Middle (l-r): Jessica Li (PhD UBC), Katie Marshall (PhD UWO '13, now UBC Faculty), Heath MacMillan (PhD UWO '13, now Carleton Faculty), Caroline Williams (PhD UWO '11, now UC Berkeley Faculty)
In Front: Brent Sinclair (UWO).

Sinclair lab in a selfie with sunflowers in the background
The Sinclair lab picks apples, 7 Sept 2022 (we may be terrible taxonomists, but we *are* aware that those are sunflowers!). (l-r): Henrique Ho Cesar (MSc), Stefane Saruhashi (PhD), Brent Sinclair (apple picker extraordinaire), Kaitlyn Ludba (PhD interloper - usually at AgCanada), Caitlin Oh (undergrad), Zainabl Hassonali (undergrad). Missing, presumed apple-less: Lamees Mohammad (PhD).

Sinclar lab holding mini-golf clubs. There's a finger in the corner of the frame
11 July 2022 - The Sinclair lab plays mini-golf. (l-r): The finger of the one person in North America who had never used a smart phone to take a photo, Caitlin Oh (undergrad summer intern), Zainab Hassonali (undergrad summer intern), Lamees Mohammad (PhD), Brent Sinclair (mini-golf champion), Stefane Saruhashi (PhD).

The Sinclair lab at a picnic table eating ice cream
The Sinclair lab gets ice cream, 30 May 2022. (l-r): Brent Sinclair (PI, black cherry); Stefane Saruhashi (PhD student, strawberry cheesecake); Zainab Hassonali (WSRI undergrad, matcha); Caitlin Oh (WSRI undergrad, cappuccino); Lamees Mohammad (PhD student, moose tracks). Missing for various reasons: Amanda Lynn Stubley (Writerator, I'm guessing mint chocolate chip), Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD, I reckon butter pecan), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD, definitely a maple walnut kind of guy).

Sinclair lab, plus a cat.
Sinclair lab December 2021. We managed to slip in a holiday party before everything got covid-complicated again. Back (l-r): Sylvia Chong (Honours thesis), Stefane Saruhashi (PhD), Meghan DuellRick Simpson (interloper), Meghan Duell (postdoc), Brent Sinclair (he-who-supervises-those-who-freeze-the-bugs), Alyssa Stephens (MSc); Front (l-r): Lamees Mohammad (PhD), Jackie Lebenzon (PhD), Kitty McCatface (centre of attention), Aaron Mayordomo (MSc), Tania Naseer (MSc). Missing: Amanda Lynn 'singin' in a choir' Stubley (Writerator), Yanira 'I'll open my gift alone' Jiménez Padilla (PhD, on leave), Kurtis 'Nova Scotia is nice at this time of year' Turnbull (PhD).

Sinclair lab Quizzintinis, February 26, 2021. Top (l-r): Rick Simpson (interloper), Meghan Duell (postdoc), Brent Sinclair (quizmaster), Nasim Amiresmaieli (postdoc), Alex Torson (postdoc), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD); middle (l-r): Zoe Klein (honours thesis), Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD); Alyssa Stephens (MSc), Arteen Torabi-Marashi (honours thesis), Kevin Ong (Bionformaticsologist); bottom (l-r): Ollie (interloper), Amanda Lynn Stubley (writing support), Tania Naseer (MSc), Jackie Lebenzon (PhD), Ayush Namboothiri (honours thesis). The team "How many PhDs does it take?" (Meghan, Rick, Nasim, Alex) won a glorious victory which is hereby enshrined upon the Sinclair Lab website for mere mortals to gaze upon in wonder for all eternity*. (*in case you were wondering what the prize was).

Sinclair lab, Friday the thirteenth, November 2020. Top (l-r): Alex Torson (postdoc), Brent Sinclair (he-who-shall-be-zoomed), Jackie Lebenzon (PhD), Meghan Duell (postdoc); 2nd row (l-r): Alyssa Stephens (PhD), Ayush Namboothiri (honours thesis), Meaghan Carlson (writing support), Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD); 3rd row (l-r): Arteen Torabi-Marashi (honours thesis), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD), Nasim Amiresmaeili (postdoc), Tania Naseer (MSc); Bottom (l-r): Stefane Saruhashi (PhD), Zoe Klein (honours thesis).

Sinclair lab, Socially-distanced version, 11 September 2020. (l-r): Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD), Matt Chung (undergrad), Tania Naseer (MSc), Jackie Lebenzon (PhD), Alyssa Stephens (MSc), Stefane Saruhashi (PhD), Kaitlyn Lubda (interloping PhD), Brent Sinclair (just this guy, y'know), Meghan Duell (Postdoc), Alex Torson (postdoc). Elsewhere... Nasim Amiresmaeili, Catalina Fernandez, Kurtis Turnbull, Arteen, Ayush & Zoe.

Sinclair lab, COVID-19 edition 25 May 2020. Top (l-r): Meghan Duell (Postdoc), Brent Sinclair (zoomer-in-chief), Alex Torson (postdoc), Nasim Amiresmaeili (postdoc). Middle row (l-r): Kevin Ong (MSc), Alyssa Stephens (MSc), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD), Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD). Bottom (l-r): Jackie Lebenzon (Essential PhD student), Alex Hicks (undergrad), Matt Chung (NSERC USRA), Claire Baragar (undergrad thesis). Missing: Catalina Fernandez (at another meeting!), Lyuquan Zhou (visiting researcher, on parental leave).

Sinclair lab, 2 November 2019 (at the ESO meeting, Bark Lake, Ontario). Back, L-R: Alex Torson (postdoc), Lyuquan Zhao (visiting scientist), Claire Baragar (Honours thesis student); Middle (l-r): Alyssa Stephens (MSc student), Meghan Duell (postdoc), Kevin Ong (bioinformatics minion), Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD student), Jackie Lebenzon (PhD student), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD Student); Front (l-r) Brent Sinclair (random participant), Nasim Amiresmaeili (postdoc).

Sinclair lab, 11 October 2019. Back, L-R: Claire Baragar (Honours thesis student), Meghan Duell (postdoc), Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD student), Jackie Lebenzon (PhD student), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD Student) Alex Torson (postdoc). Front (l-r): Kitty McCatface (Eater of Treats), Brent Sinclair (Deliverer of Treats), Alex Hicks (bioinformatics minion); Alyssa Stephens (MSc student); Kevin Ong (bioinformatics minion). MIA: Nasim Amiresmaeili (postdoc); Seun Esan (PhD student); Lyuquan Zhao (visiting scientist).

Sinclair Lab extended Family, ISEPEP8 (well, actually in a tango club), Buenos Aires 2 August 2019: Back (l-r) Kevin Roberts (Williams lab), Caroline Williams (UC Berkeley), Katie Marshall (University of British Columbia), Lauren Des Marteaux (Czech Academy of Sciences), Ana Lyons (Williams lab), Brent Sinclair (Western U), Alex Torson (Sinclair lab), Andre Szejner Sigal (Williams lab), Jantina Toxopeus (University of Colorado Denver). Front Liana Williams (my, hasn't she grown!).

Sinclair lab extended family, Canadian Society of Zoologists, Windsor, ON, May 2019 - Back (l-r): Skye Butterson (MSc, UBC), Sujan Sadekuzzaman (PhD, UWO), Mahmoud El Saadi (undergrad, Carleton), Serita Fudlosid (MSc, Carleton), Kaylen Brzezinski (MSc, Carleton), Hannah Davis (PhD, Carleton), Kevin Ong (undergrad, UWO), Peter Denezis (undergrad, UWO), Alex Torson (postdoc, UWO), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD, UWO), Katie Marshall (PhD UWO '13, now UBC), Meghan Duell (postdoc, UWO); front (l-r): Heath MacMillan (PhD UWO '13, now Carleton), Jantina Toxopeus (PhD UWO '18, now CU Denver), Seun Esan (PhD UWO), Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD UWO), Brent Sinclair (denies all responsibility, he's just very lucky to work with these amazing people), Jackie Lebenzon (PhD UWO)

Sinclair lab, 3 May 2019. Back, L-R: Kevin Ong (Bioinformatics wrangler), Meghan Duell (postdoc), Peter Denezis (ex-honours student), Sujan Sadekuzzaman (PhD student), Alex Torson (postdoc), Claire Baragar (NSERC USRA), Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD student), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD student), Jackie Lebenzon (PhD Student). Front (l-r): Kitty McCatface (Ruler of the Universe), Brent Sinclair (secretary to Mr. McCatface). MIA: Seun Esan (PhD student).

Sinclair lab, 22 March 2019. L-R: Jackie Lebenzon (PhD student), Alex Torson (postdoc), Meghan Duell (postdoc), Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhDstudent), Brent Sinclair (general dogsbody), Seun Esan (PhD student), Paul Vinu Salachan (visiting PhD student form Aarhus), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD student), Md. (Sujan) Sadekuzzaman (PhD student), Susan Anthony (PhD student and mum-to-be).

Sinclair Lab, 7 December 2018: Back (l-r) Paul Vinu Salachan (Visiting PhD student from Aarhus, Denmark), Adam Smith (Honours Student), 'Albatross Hunting' Painting on board by Chris Dennis 2008, Peter Denezis (Honours student), Susan Anthony (PhD Candidate), Alex Torson (Postdoc), Brent Sinclair (cat servant), Kitty McCatface (overlord), Meghan Duell (Postdoc); Front (l-r): Jackie Lebenzon (PhD Candidate), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD Candidate), John Ciancio (John finished his MSc months ago, but we like having him around), Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD Student).

Sinclair Lab, 27 July 2018: Back (l-r) Brent Sinclair (emailer-in-chief), Adam Smith (intern), John Ciancio (MSc), Dr. Alex Torson (postdoc), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD); Front (l-r): Jantina Toxopeus (submitted her PhD thesis that afternoon!),Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD), Susan Anthony (PhD), Jackie Lebenzon (PhD), Kendra Corral Nájera (Mitacs Globalink intern).

(Most of the) Sinclair Lab 1 July 2018: Back (l-r) Susan Anthony (PhD student, birthday girl), Sirpa Kaunisto (former postdoc, now at University of Eastern Finland), Raine Kortet (collaborator, University of Eastern Finland), Brent Sinclair (tomato tender), Jackie Lebenzon (PhD student), John Ciancio (MSc student), Kendra Corral Nájera (Mitacs intern); Front (l-r) Jantina Toxopeus (PhD student), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD student), Alex Torson (postdoc). Missing, presumed setting off fireworks: Yanira Jiménez Padilla, Adam Smith.

Sinclair Lab, 7 April 2018: Back (l-r) Joanne Tang (Honours Thesis), Adam Smith (Intern), John Ciancio (MSc), Dr. Alex Torson (postdoc), Lamees Mohammad (Honours thesis), Brent Sinclair (wrangler-in-chief). Middle (r): Jackie Lebenzon (neglected middle lab-child). Front (l-r): Brynne Duffy (Honours thesis), Aisa Kuper-Psenicnik (Honours thesis), Susan Anthony (PhD), Jantina Toxopeus (PhD). Missing: Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD).

Sinclair Lab past and present students (and grand-students!) at the 2018 Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting in San Francisco, where Alum Caroline Williams received the Bartholomew award for early career researchers. Standing (l-r): Susan Anthony (current PhD), Katie Marshall (PhD 2013, now U Oklahoma), Yanira Jiménez Padilla (Current PhD), Caroline Williams (PhD 2011, now UC Berkeley), Liana Williams (born when Caroline was in the Sinclair lab!), Kevin Roberts (current PhD, UC Berkeley), Rebecca Clark (postdoc, UC Berkeley), Lisa Treidel (current PhD, UC Berkeley); sitting (l-r) Brent Sinclair ('I just try not to get my fingers caught in the machinery'), Jantina Toxopeus (current PhD), Andre Szejner Sigal (current PhD, UC Berkeley).

Sinclair lab 1 december 2017

Sinclair Lab, 1 December 2017: Back (l-r) Mozhgan Mohammadzadeh (Visiting PhD), Alex Torson (Postdoc), John Ciancio (MSc), Aisa Kuper-Psenicnik (Honours thesis). Adam Smith (intern), Joanne Tang (Honours Thesis), Brynne Duffy (Honours Thesis), Lamees Mohammad (Honours Thesis); Middle (l-r) Jackie Lebenzon (PhD), Susan Anthony (PhD), Tomáš Štětina (visiting PhD), Kurtis Turnbull (PhD); Front (l-r) Jantina Toxopeus (PhD), Brent Sinclair (general assistant),Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD).

Sinclair Lab, 29 September 2017: Back (l-r) Mozhgan Mohammadzadeh (Visiting PhD), Yanira Jiménez Padilla (PhD), Susan Anthony (PhD), John Ciancio (MSc), Kurtis Turnbull (MSc), Adam Smith (tech), Tomáš Štětina (visiting PhD), Joanne Tang (Honours thesis); Front (l-r) Jantina Toxopeus (PhD), Brent Sinclair (money guy), Brynne Duffy (Honours thesis), Lamees Mohammad (Honours thesis), Aisa Kuper-Psenicnik (Honours thesis).  Missing, presumed drinking beer: Jackie Lebenzon (PhD), Dr. Alex Torson, (postdoc).

Sinclair Lab, 13 April 2017: Back (l-r) John Ciancio (MSc); Dr. Sirpa Kaunisto (postdoc); Yanira Jimenez Padilla (technician); Susan Anthony (PhD); Brent Sinclair (all-purpose email-wrangler); Dr. Lauren Des Marteaux (freshly-minted PhD graduate); Middle (l-r) Jantina Toxopeus (PhD); Jackie Lebenzon (PhD); Minette Karsten (visiting postdoc); Front: Kitty McCatface (cat-in-the-box). [Missing - Kurtis Turnbull, Lamees Mohammad]

Sinclair Lab, 30 November 2016: Back (l-r) Susan Anthony (PhD), Laura Ferguson (PhD), Maddie Doyle (class of 2035), Sirpa Kaunisto (postdoc), Raine Kortet (sabbatical visitor from Finland), Lauren Des Marteaux (PhD); Middle (l-r) Jackie Lebenzon (PhD), John Ciancio (MSc) Front (l-r) : Laura Forster (high school co-op student), Brent Sinclair (cat herder), Kitty McCatface (undervertebrate), Yanira Jimenez Padilla (MSc), Jantina Toxopeus (PhD).

Sinclair Lab, 17 June 2016: (l-r) Xinjian Xu (visiting researcher from Fuzhou, China), Jantina Toxopeus (PhD), Brent Sinclair (emailer-in-chief), Lauren Des Marteaux (PhD), Yanira Jimenez Padilla (MSc), Laura Ferguson (PhD), Ruth Jakobs (MSc 2015, now a PhD student in Bielefeld Germany), Kurtis Turnbull (MSc), Sirpa Kaunisto (postdoc), Jackie Lebenzon (MSc), Raine Kortet (sabbatical visitor from University of Eastern Finland), John Ciancio (almost-an-MSc-student), Susan Anthony (PhD).

Sinclair Lab, 8 April 2016: Back (l-r): Sirpa Kaunisto (postdoc), Yanira Jimenez Padilla (MSc), Susan Anthony (PhD), Jackie Lebenzon (MSc), Lauren Des Marteaux (PhD), Laura Forster (High School Co-op student).  Front (l-r): Xinjian Xu (Visiting Professor), Kurtis Turnbull (MSc), Brent Sinclair (wrangler).

Sinclair Lab, 1 December 2015: Back (l-r): Brent Sinclair (aka 'Eye of Sauron'), Alkistis Elliot-Graves (Postdoc/Rotman Institute of Philosophy interloper), Lauren Des Marteaux (PhD), Kurtis Turnbull (MSc); Front (l-r): Susan Anthony (PhD), Soheila Khazareenia (Visiting PhD Scientist), Sirpa Kaunisto (postdoc), Jackie Lebenzon (MSc), Jantina Toxopeus (PhD), Yanira Jimenez Padilla (MSc), Xinjian Xu (Visiting Professor).

Sinclair Lab, 17 July 2015: Back (l-r): Susan Anthony (PhD), Alexander McKinnon (MSc), Lauren Des Marteaux (PhD), Laura Ferguson (PhD), Alkistis Elliot-Graves (Visiting postdoc from the Rotman Institute of Philosophy); Middle (l-r): Yanira Jimenez Padilla (MSc), Soheila Khazareenia (visiting researcher); front (l-r) Jackie Lebenzon (MSc), Brent Sinclair (form-wrangler and track-changer), Jantina Toxopeus (PhD).

Sinclair Lab, 2 May 2015: Back (l-r): Lauren Des Marteaux (PhD), Jackie Lebenzon (MSc), Alexander McKinnon (MSc), Jantina Toxopeus (PhD); Front (l-r): Yanira Jimínez Padilla(MSc), Laura Ferguson (PhD), Brent Sinclair (check out those shades!), Patricia Gibert (visiting from Lyon, France).  Missing, presumed snorkeling: Susan Anthony (PhD).

Sinclair Lab, 30 November 2014: Back (l-r): Lauren Des Marteaux (PhD), Ruth Jakobs (nearly-done MSc), Michael Brown (Honours Thesis); Front (l-r): Jantina Toxopeus (PhD), Brent Sinclair (mo-grower), Susan Anthony (PhD), Laura Ferguson (PhD), Alexander McKinnon (MSc); On-the-carpet: Primrose Anthony (cat chaser-in-chief).

Sinclair lab, 30 September 2014: Back (L-R): Laura Ferguson (PhD), Brent Sinclair (signer of documents), Lauren Des Marteaux (PhD), Jantina Toxopeus (PhD); Front (L-R): Sarah Houben (DAAD RISE intern), Justin Doyle (interloper), Ruth Jakobs (MSc), Alexander McKinnon (MSc).

Sinclair Lab 28 March 2014: Back (L-R): Lauren Des Marteaux, Brent Sinclair, Hiroko Udaka, Laura Ferguson, Alexander McKinnon; Front (L-R): Jackie Lebenzon, Lindsay Crawford, Banafsheh Ahmadi, Ruth Jakobs, Qian Long.

Sinclair Lab past, present & future. ISEPEP5, 13 August 2013.  Front Row (L-R): Tanya Dann (visiting PhD student 2013), Dr. Katie Marshall (MSc & PhD 2007-2013), Dr. Hiroko Udaka (Postdoc 2010- ), Ruth Jakobs (DAAD RISE fellow, 2011; MSc 2013- ), Lauren Des Marteaux (PhD 2013- ); 2nd Row... by himself... Alexander McKinnon (MSc 2013- ); 3rd Row: Katharina Nikolaev (DAAD RISE fellow 2013), Daye Li (NSERC USRA 2013), Dr. Caroline Williams (PhD 2007-2011), Laura Ferguson (PhD 2012- ), Golnaz Salehipour (MSc 2012- ); Back row: Dr. Fengliang Jin (Postdoc 2013- ), Brent Sinclair (2006- ), Dr. Heath MacMillan (Undergrad volunteer 2006-7, NSERC USRA 2007, Honours student 2007-2008, MSc & PhD 2008-2013), Dr. Annegret Nicolai (Postdoc 2012-2013), Qian Long (PhD 2013- ).

The Sinclair Lab, November 30 2012
Sinclair Lab 10 May 2013. Back: David (Daye) Li (USRA), Ruth Jakobs (MSc), Golnaz Salehipour (MSc), Annegret Nicolai (Post-doc), Laura Ferguson (PhD), Lauren Des Marteaux (PhD); Middle: Magdalena Nicolai, Johanna Nicolai; Front: Emile Nicolai (strategic planning), Brent Sinclair (dogsbody), Hiroko Udaka (postdoc), Heath MacMillan (PhD).

Another view of the dinner on May 10th - the lab as drawn by Magdalena Nicolai.

Sinclair Lab 20 April 2013.  Hiking in Backus Woods with Dr. Rick Lee to celebrate Katie Marshall's defense.  (L-R) Golnaz Salehipour (MSc), Dr. Rick Lee (external examiner and all round insect cold tolerance hero), Brent Sinclair, Lauren Des Marteaux (PhD), Dr. Katie Marshall (new graduate!), Dr. Hiroko Udaka (postdoc), Laura Ferguson (PhD), Louie-the-dog (lab alumnus).

Sinclair Lab 30 November 2012. Back: Golnaz Salehipour (MSc), Katie Marshall (PhD), Litza Coello (newly-minted MSc graduate), Hiroko Udaka (postdoc), Emile Nicolai (randomly wandering creature of cuteness), Annegret Nicolai (postdoc); Front: Magdalena Nicolai (chaos part I), Johana Nicolai (chaos part II), Brent Sinclair (piper-payer), Lauren Des Marteaux (PhD-to-be), Laura Ferguson (PhD) Heath MacMillan (PhD).

Sinclair Lab 15 June 2012. Back: Golnaz Salehipour (MSc), Evelyn Boychuk (MSc), Heath MacMillan (PhD); Front: Katie Marshall (PhD), Annegret Nicolai (postdoc-to-be), Hiroko Udaka (postdoc).  Gone campin': Litza Coello (MSc).

Sinclair Lab 26 Movember 2011: Back row: Brent Sinclair (deputy-assistant wrangler), Evelyn Boychuk (MSc student), Dr. Hiroko Udaka (postdoc), Justin Saindon (MSc student), Matt Clarke (Hons student).  Front Row: Heath MacMillan (PhD student), Litza Coello (MSc student), Sarah Lake (Hons student), Caroline Williams (back before she was 'Dr.'), Katie Marshall (PhD student, with Liana Williams), Golnaz Salehipour (MSc student).

Sinclair Lab October 2011: Back row: Matt Clarke (Hons student), Brent Sinclair (general assistant), Justin Saindon (MSc student).  Front row: Hiroko Udaka (Postdoc), Katie Marshall (PhD student), Litza Coello (MSc student, but I think you'll agree she looks as though she's in charg in this photo), Caroline Williams (PhD student, Heath MacMillan (PhD student), Sarah Lake (Hons student), Evelyn Boychuk (MSc student).

The Sinclair Lab, April 2011. Back (L-R): Wesley Chick, Justin Saindon, David Bing, Heath MacMillan, Brent Sinclair + Liana Williams; Front (L-R): Hiroko Udaka, Katie Marshall, Caroline Williams, Litza Coello, Evelyn Boychuk, Victoria Ransberry.

The Sinclair Lab, December 2010. Back (L-R): Justin Saindon, Heath MacMillan, Brent Sinclair, Caroline Williams; Middle (L-R): Victoria Ransberry, Litza Coello, Katie Marshall, Hiroko Udaka; Front: Jian Zhang.

The Sinclair Lab at Canada's Wonderland, June 2010.  (L-R): Leigh Boardman, Jane Zhang, Jill Crosthwaite, Katie Marshall, Caroline Williams, Justin Saindon, Brent Sinclair, Joeseph Stinziano, Celina Lin, Casper Nyamukondiwa, David Bing.

The Sinclair Lab at CSZ in Vancouver, May 2010.  (L-R):  Jill Crosthwaite, Brent Sinclair, Leigh Boardman, Katie Marshall, Heath MacMillan, Caroline Williams.

The Sinclair lab, 23 April 2010.  Back (L-R): Jane Zhang (MSc), Brent Sinclair (paragraph rewriter); 2nd from Back (L-R): Jill Crosthwaite (MSc), Casper Nyamukondiwa (PhD exchange student from Stellenbosch), Stephi Sobek (Postdoc), Justin Saindon (MSc); 2nd from front (L-R): Katie Marshall (PhD/Crutcher), Jessie MacAlpine (Grade 9, Huron Park Secondary School), Heath MacMillan (PhD); Front: Wesley Chick (uber-volunteer), Caroline Williams (PhD), Leigh Boardman (MSc exchange student from Stellenbosch).

The Sinclair lab curling trip 21 February 2010.  Back (L-R): Caroline Williams (PhD), Jane Zhang (MSc), Jill Crosthwaite (MSc); Front (L-R): Liana Williams (vocal lab meeting participant), Brent Sinclair (lab cleanliness freak), Justin Saindon (MSc), Leigh Boardman (SA exchange student), Casper Nyamukondiwa (possibly Zimbabwe's greatest curler), Tony Renda (Hons).

The Sinclair Lab, 5 December 2009.  (Back, L-R): Martin Vezer (Philosophical interloper), Jill Crosthwaite (MSc); (2nd back, L-R): Tony Renda (Hons), Jane Zhang (MSc), Caroline Williams (PhD); (2nd Front, L-R): Aimee Bazinet (Hons), Katie Marshall (PhD), Heath MacMillan (MSc); Front (L-R): Brent Sinclair (gall cracker and account code provider), Liana Williams (vocal lab meeting participant), Wesley Chick (insect wrangler-in-chief).  Absent, presumed socialising: Stephi Sobek (postdoc).

The Sinclair lab minigolf outing, 26 July 2009.  (Back, L-R): Heath MacMillan (MSc), Jill Crosthwaite (MSc), Brent Sinclair (arranger and problem solver); (Middle, L-R): Jane Zhang (MSc), Stephi Sobek (postdoc), Alison Wardlaw (NSERC USRA), Katie Marshall (PhD); Front: Alex Ford (Dogsbody).

The Sinclair Lab, 4 April 2009.  (Back, L-R): Heath MacMillan (MSc), Brent Sinclair (paper wrangler), Jill Crosthwaite (MSc), Caroline Williams (PhD),  Katie Marshall (PhD); (Front, L-R): Diana Balmer (Hons), Jane Zhang (MSc), Dr. Stephi Sobek (Postdoc), Lauren Strachan (MSc), Chelsie Warshafsky (4th yr mini-thesis), Erfan Vafaie (Hons).

Click here to see pictures of the Sinclair lab at SICB in Boston in January 2009.

Sinclair Lab 26 Sept '08
The Sinclair Lab, 26 September 2008.  (L-R): Caroline Williams (PhD), Sanjay Rajamohan, Heath MacMillan (MSc), Lauren Strachan (MSc), Katie Marshall (MSc), Dr. Stephi Sobek (Postdoc), Jill Crosthwaite (MSc), Dr. Arun Rajamohan (Postdoc), Dr. David Renault (collaborator), Dr. Brent Sinclair (form signer).
This would have been a picture of the Sinclair lab.
The Sinclair Lab, 5 April 2008.  Back (L-R): Dr. Arun Rajamohan, Sourabh Arora, Heath MacMillan, Lauren Strachan, Dr. Brent Sinclair, Sanjay Rajamohan.  Front (L-R): Caroline Williams, Heather Tarnowski, Katie Marshall.
Photo of the Sinclair lab, Sept '07
The Sinclair Lab, 17th September 2007. Back Row (l-r) Caroline Williams, Arun Rajamohan, Lauren Strachan, Heath MacMillan.  Front row (l-r) Brent Sinclair, Jillian Walsh, Heather Tarnowski, Erfan Vafaie, Katie Marshall, Daniel Dillon.

The weird-coloured Sinclair Lab, 30th April 2007. (l-r) Heath MacMillan, Chris Lee, Heather Tarnowski, Arun Rajamohan, Brent Sinclair.  Missing (at brewery!): Crystal Bross.