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I received my B. Sc (Honours) in Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Windsor in May 2019, where I completed an honours thesis under the supervision of Dr. Phillip Karpowicz. My project examined the impact of photoperiod and feeding time on intestinal circadian rhythms in Chinook salmon, a wide-ranging Pacific fish species of ecological and economic importance. Findings from this project aimed to improve insight on how environmental cues impact the physiology of Chinook salmon to improve aquaculture and conservation practices.

 I started my M. Sc work in September 2019 working with Dr. Brent Sinclair at Western University. Currently, Iím looking into the role of trehalose, a major blood sugar involved in stress response, in cricket (Gryllus veletis) freeze tolerance. I plan to dig into the details of how trehalose may increase the spring field cricketís ability to survive internal ice formation.

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