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David (Xinyang) Bing
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            I came to the Sinclair lab in January of 2010, and started as a volunteer. The interesting studies and people of the Sinclair lab convinced me to stay. To finish up my Honours degree in Biology, I am currently doing my 4th year Honours thesis on a gene called Frost. It was first discovered by Goto in 2001, and was found to have a 26-40 fold increase in expression during recovery from cold exposure in Drosophila melanogaster. To help fully understand the role Frost plays in cold recovery in D. melanogaster, I am combining molecular techniques such as real-time PCR, and analytical tools from bioinformatics, to look at the gene expression of Frost during ontogeny, and across species in 10 other Drosophila species that have had their genome sequenced (12 Genome Consortium).

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