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Soohyun (Julia) Ahn
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I joined the Sinclair Lab in January 2012. Conversations with Dr. Sinclair while taking his course have inspired me to pursue an independent project course, which took me to switch my majors to Hon. Specialization in Biology. Under the co-supervision of Dr. Sinclair and Dr. Hiroko Udaka, I am working on localizing Frost gene expression in adult Drosophila melanogaster during cold recovery. Hopefully, the results will reveal further insights about molecular changes involved in rapid cold hardening. Studying living organisms and molecular biology in the fascinating context of cold tolerance has given me a new respect for life.

My experience in the Sinclair Lab so far has been everything one could wish for in a lab: motivating and helpful supervisors who would not let a question go unanswered, the flies that let me handle them without any verbal complaints, and fantastic lab members whose professionalism and kindness inspire me.

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