Negotiating the Social Bonds of Poetics
guest-edited by Nancy Gillespie and Peter Jaeger

Is Lacan’s theory of the “four discourses” useful for rethinking how we engage with and disseminate poetry and poetics? Can poetics operate like the discourse of the Analyst to create a different social bond through language? Is Lacan’s concept of the structure of the four discourses useful for us today, particularly as we head into financial cuts in the arts and academia which may limit interventions in hegemonic discourses?

Projected release April 2012.

Olson at the Century
guest-edited by Steve McCaffery

Colleagues, former students, and admirers of Charles Olson gathered in Buffalo in October 2010 to recall and reassess the enormous contribution of this American poet and theorist to North American poetry and poetics. Steve McCaffery has gathered and edited their contributions, adding a substantial introduction, and and afterword by Frank Davey. Among the contributors are Kenneth Warren, Michael Boughn, Richard Owens, Chris Sylvester, Miriam Nichols, Libby Rifkin, Kaplan P. Harris, and Don Byrd.

Projected release August 2012.

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