Open Letter (1965-2013) is a soon to be inactive journal of critical and theoretical discussions of poetics and Canadian culture, written primarily by Canadian writers and artists. LATEST/FINAL ISSUE, Fall 2013.
With a focus on the history of Canadian modernism and postmodernism, including underlying interdisciplinary and multicultural dimensions, Open Letter provided a space in which writers, visual artists and literary scholars from various regions and communities within Canada could articulate and discuss with one another theories of art production, criticism, and the cultural role of literature. As a lively and often irreverent supplement to scholarly journals, the journal was a provocative forum for theoretical and critical explorations of contemporary and experimental writing.
Throughout its history, Open Letter was known for the questioning roles it plays. An evolving project, in its early days the journal provided access to new feminist and language-centered writing from Quebec, and reviews of books from newly established small presses; it then moved to encouraging writing on previously neglected early postmodern writers.
In its last decades it focused on minority poetics which interrogate the literary dominant -- ideologically self-aware poetics often with intersections among Marxist, racial, gender, ethnic and/or regional ideologies. Open Letter remained an open space for those artists who would unsettle the evolving conventions and privileges of Canadian writing and related representations.

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