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John Kiernan's Facts and Files

This is a collection of data files and programs written by me (J. A. Kiernan) and made freely available for anyone to read or download.  There are also some links to other web sites that include related materials.

This is all PC software - DOS and/or Windows. Some of the files, including HTML, PDF and images, should also be readable on computers with Linux or recent Mac operating systems.

Files in portable document format (filename.pdf) require the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free program, or a program for making and editing PDF files such as Adobe Acrobat if you do not own . 

Download the Adobe Acrobat reader.

For images, I recommend Irfan View, a free program for viewing and editing in Windows that can also be used with Linux or with Apple's macOS.

The "Click on a picture" links at the top of this home page did not show with some older versions of Internet Explorer. They have been OK with versions 10 and 11, and have always been there for Mozilla Firefox. If, perchance, you do not see the three picture-links at the top of the page, click on the Next!... link at the bottom.   
Several files in these web pages are "archives", which means they have been made smaller for fast downloading. The names of the archived (zipped) files end with .zip

To expand a zipped file you need WINZIP or WINRAR or a similar program. The free versions work well. Recent versions of Windows (7, 10)  come with a WINZIP version that will easily expand the zipped files on these web pages.  

All the files on my web pages have passed the severe security standards of the Information Technology services at the University of Western Ontario.  

Click here to see how easy it is to use DOS  even when your computer looks as if it uses only Windows.

It is now possible to run older DOS programs under 64-bit Windows 10, using the free emulation program DOSBox. See the links below for information and downloading.

Click here for information about DOSBox.

Download the latest version of DOSBox (a free program).  

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Last updated: January 2020