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Resources in Research Design, Measurement, and Statistical Analysis


Quantitative Methodologists. Click to the left for an extensive list of researchers, with links to their webpages, who study quantitative methods (statistics, measurement, and research design) and publish research in methodological journals. Many of their websites include resources such as articles, demonstrations, course material, etc.

Journals of Interest. Click to the left for a list of journals (and links) in research, statistics, measurement, and evaluation methodology, mainly from Psychology but also with a small selection from Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Statistics, and Sociology. This list focuses on quantitative methods.

Quantitude Podcast.This is a very entertaining and informative podcast hosted by Patrick Curran and Greg Hancock. In addition to providing wise advice to graduate students on careers in research and academia, they set the record straight on a number of issues. Indeed, you will think twice about using terminology such as "our results approached significance, p = .06" and consider the equal possibility that your statistic was running away from significance. Much of the information on the podcast and additional resources can be found on their Twitter page here.

Topics. The section below is my way of collecting and organizing useful information in research design, measurement, and statistical analysis. It will always be a work in progress and my intention is to add new material on a regular basis and revise as needed and as I learn new things.

  1. Item Response Theory
  2. Recommended articles for various quantitative methods: List
  3. Multiple Regression: Assumptions
  4. Heuristic for Thinking about New Constructs: Document
  5. Latent Variable Presentation: slides