DeKoter Lab

Selected Recent Publications

Raczkowski, H. L. Xu, Li S., Wang, W-C., and DeKoter, R. P.. 2022. The E26 transformation-specific family transcription factor Spi-C is dynamically regulated by external signals in B cells. Immunohorizons. Funded by NSERC 04749-2016.

Raczkowski, H. L. and DeKoter, R. P.. 2021. Lineage-instructive functions of the E26-transformation-specific-family transcription factor Spi-C in immune cell development and disease. WIREs Mechanisms of Disease 2021:e519. Funded by NSERC 04749-2016 and CIHR grants 106581 and 142258.

Lim, M., Batista, C.R., de Oliveira, B.R., Creighton, R., Ferguson, J., Clemmer, K., Knight, D., Iansavitchous, J., Mahmood, D., Avino, M., and DeKoter, R. P. 2020. Janus kinase mutations in mice lacking PU.1 and Spi-B drive B cell leukemia through reactive oxygen species-induced DNA damage. Molecular and Cellular Biology 40:1-19. Funded by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada 569086 and CIHR 142258.

Laramée, A.-S., Raczkowski, H.L., Shao, P., Batista, C. R., Shukla, D., Xu, L.S., Haeryfar, S.M., Tesfagiorgis, Y., Kerfoot, S.M., and DeKoter, R. P. 2020. Opposing roles for the related ETS-family transcription factors Spi-B and Spi-C in regulating B cell Differentiation and Function. Frontiers in Immunology 11:841. Funded by CIHR 106581 and 142258 and NSERC 04749-2016.

Ha, S-D., Cho, W., DeKoter, R. P., and Kim, S. O. 2019. The transcription factor PU.1 mediates enhancer-promoter looping that is required for IL-1b eRNA and mRNA transcription in mouse myeloma and macrophage cell lines. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 294:17487-17500.

Xu, L.S., Francis, A., Turkistany, S., Shukla, D., Wong, A., Batista, C.R., and DeKoter, R. P. 2019. ETV6-RUNX1 interacts with a region in SPIB intron 1 to regulate gene expression in pre-B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Rhee, J., Solomon, L. A., and DeKoter, R. P. 2019. A role for ATP Citrate Lyase in cell cycle regulation during myeloid differentiation.

Batista, C. R., Lim, M., Laramee, A-S., Abu-Sardanah, F., Xu, L. S., Hossain, R., Bell, G. I., Hess, D.A., and DeKoter, R. P. 2018. Driver mutations in Janus Kinases in a mouse model of B-cell leukemia induced by deletion of PU.1 and Spi-B. Blood Advances 2:2798-2810, 2018.

Solomon, L. A., Batista, C. R., and DeKoter, .R.P. 2017. Lenalidomide modulates gene expression in human ABC-DLBCL cells by regulating IKAROS interaction with an intronic control region of SPIB. Experimental Hematology 56:46-57.

Solomon, L. A., Podder, S., He, J., Jackson-Chornenki, N. L., Gibson, K., Ziliotto, R. G. Rhee, J., and DeKoter, .R.P. 2017. Coordination of myeloid differentiation with reduced cell cycle progression by PU.1 induction of microRNAs targeting cell cycle regulators and lipid anabolism. Molecular and Cellular Biology 37:e00013-17.

Batista, C. R., Li, S. K., Xu, L. X., Solomon, L. A., and DeKoter, .R.P. 2017. PU.1 regulates Ig light chain transcription and rearrangement in pre-B cells during B cell development.