Dr. Robert Shcherbakov

Associate Professor

Current Group Members:

Postdocs and Researchers

  • Himanshu Barthwal (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2021-present). Research topic: Analysis of mining seismicity.
  • Sid Kothari (Research associate, 2020-present). Research topic: Machine learning appied to natural and induced seismicity.

Graduate Students

  • Mohammadamin Sedghizadeh (MSc candidate, 2020-present). Research topic: Statistical analysis of tectonic and mining seismicity.
  • Charles Hulls (MSc candidate, 2019-present). Research topic: Geomechanical modelling of induced seismicity.
  • Elisa Dong (MSc candidate, 2019-present, co-supervised with Dr. Goda). Research topic: Stochastic modelling of earthquake processes.
  • Negar Nazari (PhD candidate, 2015-present, co-supervised with Dr. Cheadle). Research topic: Fluid-fracture interaction in induced seismicity.

Former Group Members:


  • Ruijia Wang (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2018-2019). Research topic: Stochastic Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Seismicity.

Graduate Students

  • Sidhanth Kothari (MSc, 2014-2019, co-supervised with Dr. Atkinson). Research topic: Statistics of Induced Seismicity.
  • Xiaoming Zhang (PhD candidate, 2012-2019). Research topic: Computer Modelling of Earthquake Processes.
  • Alvin Zhao (MSc, 2015-2018). Research topic: Geomechanical Modelling of Induced Seismicity Processes.
  • Zhiming Gu (Acc. MSc, 2016-2017). Research topic: Modelling of Aftershock Sequences as a Stochastic Point Process.
  • Mark Ogilo (Acc. MSc, 2014-2015). Research topic: Simulation of Propagation of Fluids in Fractured Solids.
  • Laura Sanchez (PhD, 2009-2014). Thesis: Statistical Analysis and Computer Modelling of Volcanic Eruptions.
  • Armick Ivanian (MSc, 2009-2012). Thesis: Studies of Aftershock Sequences of Large Subduction Zone Earthquakes.
  • Pathikrit Bhattacharya (MSc, 2009-2011). Thesis: Statistical Analysis of Aftershocks Triggered by Supershear Ruptures.
  • Mythien Nguyen (Acc. MSc, 2010-2011). Project: Analysis of the Decay Rates of Aftershock Sequences in California.
  • Ryan Kahue (Acc. MSc, 2010-2011). Project: Statistics of Record-Breaking Earthquakes in California.

Undergraduate Students

  • Krista Kaski (NSERC USRA student, 2015). Research topic: Statistical Analysis of Durations of Volcanic Eruptions.
  • Jacob Kukovica (BSc honours student, 2015-2016). Research topic: Statistical Properties of Anthropogenic Seismicity.
  • Carol L.R.L. Alfred (BSc honours student, 2012-2013). Honors Thesis: A Comparison of Aftershock Sequences of Large Thrust, Normal and Strike Slip Earthquakes.
  • Kirk Scanlan (NSERC USRA student, 2008). Project: Self-similar Nature of Volcanic Activity.
  • Mary Phan (NSERC USRA student, 2008). Project: Properties of Aftershocks of the 2002 Mw 7.9 Denali Earthquake.