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 John Kiernan's Facts and Files

This is a collection of data files and programs written by me (J. A. Kiernan) and made freely available for anyone to read or download. There are also some links to other web sites that include related materials.
Some of the files are compressed with PKZIP or WINZIP and have names of the form
(This is all PC software - DOS and/or Windows. Some of the files, including HTML, PDF and images, should be readable on computers with Linux or recent Mac operating systems.)
To expand a .ZIP archive you need an installed WINZIP or WINRAR or similar program. These are easily collected from the Internet. The free versions work well. For DOS .zip files, the free PKUNZIP.EXE does the job in milliseconds. The Windows un-archivers, needed for larger files, take minutes, with dialogues, delays, and sometimes dire warnings injected by anti-virus and antispyware programs.

All the files on my web sites have passed by the severe security standards of my employer, the University of Western Ontario. These standards efficiently reject 
mass emailings even from our own senior admin staff to lists of faculty, students etc. Our IT people  do a great job protecting the world from unwanted as well as potentially  malicious  emails.

Click here to see how easy it is to use DOS  even when your computer looks as if it uses only Windows.

Some files are in portable document format (filename.pdf). These require the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free program that can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

It is now possible to run older DOS-based programs under 64-bit Windows 7, using the free emulation program DOSBox. See the links below for information and downloading.

    Text files and pictures
    may be viewed on screen
    or downloaded.

Download the Adobe Acrobat reader (a free program).

Download PKUNZIP.EXE (34583 bytes)
For DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98 or Windows 2000

Download the latest version of WinZip.

Download the latest version of DOSBox (a free program).

Information about DOSBox.

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