Dr.Huang Principal Investigator: Dr. Yining Huang

Dr. Yining Huang was born in Beijing, China. He obtained his B.Sc and M.Sc from Peking University and earned his Ph.D. from McGill University (with Ian S. Butler). After a NSERC post-doctoral fellowship at the University of British Columbia (with Colin A. Fyfe), he started his independent academic career at Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, as an Assistant Professor. He is currently a Professor of Chemistry and department chair at The University of Western Ontario. His current research interest focuses on porous materials.

Awards and Honors:

Department Chair, Western. (2014-)
Guest Professorship, Peking University, Beijing, China
Canada Research Chair (2002-2012)
“CUI-YING Lecture Professor”, Lanzhou University, China
University Students' Council Teaching Honour Roll (2007)
Florence Bucke Award, Faculty of Science, Western (2005)
Ontario Distinguished Research Award (2003)
Canadian National Congress-International Union Pure and Applied Chemistry Award (2002)
Premier's Research Excellence Award (2001-2006)
Alumni Research Award, Laurentian University (1996)
Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Germany (declined, 1995)
D.W. Ambridge Prize, McGill University (1993)
C. Winkler Award, McGill University (1993)
NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship (1993)
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Fonds FCAR, Province of Quebec (declined, 1992)
Alexander McFee Fellowship, McGill University (1990)
Max Bell Open Fellowship, McGill University (1989)

Dr. Bryan E.G. Lucier - Postdoctoral fellow (start: Jan. 2014)

Degrees completed: Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON (Prof. Robert W. Schurko)
Summary of research: Investigating MOFs via solid-state NMR of incorporated metals, guests, and linkers.
When I'm not doing chemistry... I enjoy long walks on the beach.
Contact: bryaneglucier "at" gmail.com


Shoushun Chen - Ph.D. candidate (start: Sept. 2013)

Degrees completed: M.Sc. Energy Chemistry, 2010-2013, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China.
BSc: Pharmaceutical Engineering, 2006-2010, Liaoning University, Shengyang China.
Summary of research: Synthesizing novel MOFs and investigating them using X-ray diffraction and solid-state NMR.
When I'm not doing chemistry... Play tennis or watch movies, I love Hollywood movies, Keanu Reeves is my favorite!
Contact: schen548 "at" uwo.ca

Yue Zhang

Yue (Jason) Zhang - Ph.D. candidate (start: Jan 2014)

Degrees completed: MSc: Chemistry, Queen’s University of Belfast, 2013. (with Prof. Stuart James)
BSc: Materials Chemistry, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China, 2012.
Summary of research: Studying metal centres and dynamics of guest molecules within MOFs via solid-state NMR.
When I'm not doing chemistry... I like drinking beer!!
Contact: yzha443 "at" uwo.ca

Shan Jiang

Shan Jiang - M.Sc. candidate (start: Sept. 2014)

Degrees completed: BSc: Applied Chemistry, Northeastern University, Shengyang China. (2014)
Summary of research: CO2 storage in porous materials under high pressure, a joint program with Dr. Yang Song.
When I'm not doing chemistry... I like swimming, listening to music, singing, skating and watching NBA games.
Contact: sjiang82 "at" uwo.ca


Zitong Wang - M.Sc. candidate (start: Sept 2015)

Degrees completed: BSc. Honours Specialization in Chemistry, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, 2015.
Summary of research: Investigating MOF Growth by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).
When I'm not doing chemistry... I enjoy practicing harmonica and am attracted to all kinds of food.
Contact: zwang452 "at" uwo.ca


Bowei (Hans) Wu - M.Sc. candidate (start: Sept. 2015)

Degrees completed: BSc. Chemistry, Xiamen University, Xaimen, China, 2014 (with Prof. Wengui Weng).
Summary of research: Studying carbon dioxide adsorption in traditional and novel molecular sieves.
When I'm not doing chemistry... Swimming, photography, model airplanes, and movies.
Contact: bwu89 "at" uwo.ca

Bligh Desveaux

Bligh Desveaux - M.Sc. candidate (start: Jan 2016)

Degrees completed: BSc. Chemistry, Dalhousie University, Canada, 2015
Summary of research: Development of specialized MOFs for CO2 storage
When I'm not doing chemistry... I like relaxing, either going out for walks or binging on TV shows.
Contact: bdesvea2 "at" uwo.ca


Hendrick Chan - M.Sc. candidate (co-supervised with Prof. Sham, start: May 2016)

Degrees completed: BSc. Chemistry.
Summary of research: Studying gas adsorption in MOFs using solid-state NMR and XAFS techniques
When I'm not doing chemistry... I enjoy rock climbing and playing guitar.
Contact: hchan288 "at" uwo.ca


Grace ZiSu Wang - 4th year project student (start: Sept. 2016)

Degree in progress: BSc. Chemistry.
Summary of research: Tracking the decomposition of a metal-organic framework using solid-state NMR.
When I'm not doing chemistry... I enjoy hiking.
Contact: zwang529 "at" uwo.ca


Aiyun (Cici) Yang - 4th year project student (co-supervised by Prof. Song, start: Sept. 2016)

Degree in progress: BSc. Honours Chemistry.
Summary of research: Studing the effects of high pressure on ZIF structure and CO2 storage potential using infrared spectroscopy.
When I'm not doing chemistry... Hiking, travelling, photography.
Contact: ayang68 "at" uwo.ca


Renlong Zheng - 4th year project student

Degree in progress: BSc. Honours, specialization in Material Science w/ minor in Economics
Summary of research: Studying the structural changes induced by guest molecules in MOFs, as well as the gas adsorption ability of defect MOFs.
When I'm not doing chemistry...I enjoy travel, chatting with friends, and am attracted to all kinds of food, especially hotpot.
Contact: rzheng23 "at" uwo.ca