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The Sinclair Lab contains humans. We care about our own and others’ well-being, we have lives outside of work, we appreciate social events, and we embrace diversity in all its forms.

We are ambitious. Not the stand-on-other-people’s-faces-to-win kind of ambition, but the ambition to do the best we can. We aim to do quality work, and to publish papers that add value to the field. We do not shy away from additional experiments or hard problems.

We approach science with probity. We may dance like no-one’s watching, but we do science so everything we do will withstand intense scrutiny. We are transparent about where our data came from and who collected it. We are accountable for our data and our actions, and we value communication, organisation and preparation. We are self-reflective, and give (and receive) critical, constructive, and honest feedback.

We cultivate camaraderie. We aim to play nicely with others, both within the lab and outside. We are generous with our expertise, time, and resources, and grateful when others share them with us.

We own our projects. We encourage curiosity, and have the courage to try new techniques, to bounce back when we fail, to ask for help when we need it, and to admit when we’re wrong. We may be motivated and ambitious, but we also recognise the value of baby steps.