Jarl G. Taxerås Flaten

I am a fourth year Ph.D. student advised by Dan Christensen at the University of Western Ontario. My research interests relate to homotopy type theory, and I contribute to the Coq HoTT library.

Previously I studied at NTNU (MSc) and at EPFL (BSc).

Preprints & notes

Central H-spaces and banded types, joint with Ulrik Buchholtz, Dan Christensen, David Jaz Myers, and Egbert Rijke (in preparation).

Ext groups in Homotopy Type Theory, joint with Dan Christensen (in preparation).

Univalent categories of modules (arXiv), submitted. (19 pages)

Internal Ext groups, for the written part II comprehensive examination at Western. (16 pages)

Upcoming & recent talks

Central H-spaces and banded types (slides), HoTTEST, November 2022.

Internal Yoneda Ext groups (slides), Category Theory Octoberfest 2022, October 2022.

The moduli space of H-space structures, AMS Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting, October 2022.

The moduli space of multiplications on a space, UWO Math Graduate Seminar, September 2022.

The internal AB axioms (abstract), HoTT/UF 2022, July 2022.

Ext groups over a space, Young Topologists Meeting, July 2022.

Internal injectivity of modules in higher toposes (abstract), ASL 2022 North American Annual Meeting, April 2022.

Internally injective modules in higher toposes, Logic and higher structures, February 2022.

Ext groups in Homotopy Type Theory (abstract), HoTT/UF 2021, July 2021.

Higher Ext via profunctor tensor products, UWO Math Graduate Seminar, October 2020.

Programming with Category Theory, NTNU Geometry & Topology seminar, February 2019.

Mentoring & teaching

In Summer '22, I was a teaching assistant for the HoTTEST Summer School 2022.

Since Fall '21, I have been the lead organizer of the Directed Reading Program at Western. Before becoming an organizer, I mentored the following projects:

SOGS Running Club

I am the founder of the SOGS Running Club for graduate students at Western. During Fall '22, our weekly runs are Mondays and Thursdays at 4:30pm. We meet by the entrance of the Western Recreation Center, and we usually do around 5-6km in about 40 minutes. The runs are meant to be social, and runners of all experience levels are welcome! Send me an email (see below) and I'll invite you to our mailing list and group chat for updates and events.


You can contact me at jtaxers (at) uwo (dot) ca.