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The group occupies three laboratories in the Chemistry Building at Western:

  • ChB 213: 6 fumehoods, 8 benches, HPLC, 4 rotovaps, separate office space for 8
  • ChB 217: 4 fumehoods, 6 benches, microwave reactor, 3 rotovaps, separate office space for 4
  • ChB 311: 2 high-pressure reactors, ozonator, Parr hydrogenator

Fumehoods (217)

Lab 217

Office space (213)

Fumehood (213)

Lab beautification - cactus garden

The chemicals

Biotage microwave reactor
(purchased 2006)

Waters analytical/semiprep HPLC with UV and RI detection
(purchased 2000)
High-pressure reactors (HPC-200, LECO Tem-Pres) in use by the lab. These units are capable of generating pressures
up to 200,000 psi (14 kbar), with the newer one equipped with heating capability (up to 200 °C)