Group Meeting Schedule 2015

Meetings are held jointly with the Pagenkopf group.

Meeting Time: Tuesday, 6:00 p.m.
Meeting Place: ChB lounge

Literature: Methodology or total synthesis
Research: Self-explanatory
Interactive: Group involvement, e.g. problem set, game, etc.

Apr 28 Poly Matt
May 12 Joanne Tyler
May 26 -- Tristan+Erin
Jun 9-- Naresh

Kerr Literature Review Schedule 2015

Jan 22 Poly ACIE+EJOC
Jan 29 Erin JOC, Org Lett
Feb 5 Matt P, Jake, Lauren Chem Euro Journal, Synthesis, Tetrahedron
Feb 12 Matt V JACS, Chem Comm
Feb 26 Joanne Chemical Science, Tet Lett