Welcome to the internet home of Prof. Robert Hudson, departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario. Our principle research activities involve the application of organic synthesis in the field of bio-organic chemistry. 
We specialize in oligonucleotide analogs and our work is focused on peptide nucleic acid or PNA and nucleobase-modified DNA and RNA with a special interest in fluorescent analogs. 

Who we are

Our research group is composed of a core of graduate students pursuing either Masters or Doctoral degrees and undergraduate student researchers. At various times, we have had the pleasure of working with foreign visiting scientists, research technicians and postdoctoral fellows.

Professor Hudson has been elected the Chair for the Department of Chemistry for 2023-2027.

What we do

We use synthetic organic chemistry to investigate nucleic acids, analogs and polyamides - see our research page for more detailed information. When not enjoying chemistry, we enjoy the company of good friends, craft IPAs, and the outdoors when it is sunny and warm!


*All funded positions have been filled for September 2023*

For prospective students and researchers that hold scholarships or other support, you can explore tranining opportunities by contacting rhhudson<at>uwo.ca


The Department of Chemistry began in 1882 and has grown to one of the largest, research-intensive departments in Canada. The Department of Chemistry at Western is dedicated to the discovery, dissemination and application of chemical knowledge through research, teaching and public service. Diversity is promoted through interdisciplinary programs of teaching and research while retaining a focus on excellence in all endeavors.

The University is highly ranked, based on student surveys, and competes with the largest and most prestigious universities in Canada. Western has a continuing focus on providing the best student experience at a research-intensive university in Canada.


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