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Simpson, Erika, “The NATO Club: 'northern', 'rich', 'white‘ nations defending the Imperial Palace?” ed. Darren Marks, War, Human Dignity, and Nation Building: Theological Perspectives on Canada’s Role in Afghanistan” (Cambridge Scholars Publishing) 2010, pp. 70-89.
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Simpson, Erika, “The new U.S. doctrine of pre-emptive warfare and its implications for nuclear deterrence and disarmament” ed. David Krieger, The Challenge of Abolishing Nuclear Weapons (Transaction Publishers: Piscataway, NJ.), 2009, pp. 141-154. Available at:
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Simpson, Erika, “Games, Strategies, and Human Security” Perspectives on Human Security: National Sovereignty and Humanitarian Intervention, edited by M.V. Naidu, (Brandon, Manitoba: Canadian Peace Research and Education Association, 2001), pp. 139-49. Available at:
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Simpson, Erika, “New Ways of Thinking about Nuclear Weapons and Canada’s Defence Policy” Diefenbaker’s Legacy, edited by D. C. Story and R. Bruce Shepard, (Regina: Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1998), pp. 27-41. Available at:
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