Erika SimpsonWestern Social Science

Graduate Supervision and Training

PhD Sole Supervisor: 3

2019-present    Ryan Atkinson, “Cyberwarfare and Terrorism,” defence expected 2023

2013-2020    Sakhi Naimpoor, “NATO and Security Sector Reform in Afghanistan,” successfully defended July 24, 2020

2006-2013        Cameron Harrington, “Fluid Identities: Towards a Critical Security of Water” Political Science, successfully defended September 27, 2013

PhD Examiner: 6

2015                  Peter Kikkert "Grasping for the Ends of the Earth: Framing and Contesting Polar Sovereignty, 1900-1960,” defended December 16, 2015, History Department.

2015                Andrew Chater, “Explaining the Evolution of the Arctic Council,” defended August 29, 2015, Political Science Department.

2014                  Trista Grant, “Soldiers First: The evolution of training for peacekeeping in the Canadian armed forces 1956-2000,” defended April 2014, History Department.

2010                  “US Foreign Policy Re-examined,” defended May 2010, History Department

2009                  Jeff McLaughlin, “Ignoring ‘Nosey Charlie’: the Kennedy Administration’s response to the Gaullist critique of American policy in Vietnam, 1961-1963,” defended spring 2009, History Department.

2008                  Piedro Pitrani, “From Economic Sanctions to Military Intervention in the Former Yugoslavia: A Comparison of Germany and Italian Case-studies,” defended spring 2006, Political Science Department

PhD Comprehensive Examiner: 5

2020                  Ryan Atkinson

2015                  Sakhi Naimpoor

2014                  Christopher Rastrick

2013                  Bojan Ratkovic

2007                  Cameron Harrington

Titles and Topics of Master’s Research Papers (MRP) or MA theses as sole supervisor: 28

Professor Simpson has extensive experience as a graduate supervisor and mentor at the Master’s level, particularly in the Politics Department at Western University where she has spent twenty-three years. Professor Simpson has attracted the interest of graduate students, proving an excellent mentor and team player, as in the MRPs of other scholars including the following MRPs and theses:

MRPs Supervised and Completed: 22

2019-2020       Shannen Iris Stroe, “Institutionalizing Women, Peace, and Security (WPS): Why NATO Could Need More Women in Peace and Security,” expected 12/2020

2017-2018       Thayaalan, Sivakamy, “The Responsibility to Protect: An Examination of the Merits of R2P and the Challenges to its Implementation” 08/2018

2016-2017       Costa, Chantal “Examining the Merits and Demerits of Drone Use in Theatres of Conflict: A United States Case Study” 08/2017

de Oliveira, Vitor Rodrigues “State Terrorism in Latin America” 08/2017

2015-2016       Abraham, Philip “The South China Sea” 08/2016

                  Singh, Manpreet Abrol “North Korea’s nuclear policy” 08/2016

2014-2015       Javed, Usman “Iran’s nuclear policy” 08/2015

2014-2014        Alam, Tazrian “Arctic Security: Militarization and Nuclearization with Policy Recommendations” 08/2014

Zambito, Matthew “A Review of the International Trade and Economic Legal Regulation Governing Food Security in the South from 1994-2014” 08/2014

2012-2013        Greco, Sarah “Consistent Inconsistency around the midpoint of the engagement- disengagement spectrum: The United States of America’s foreign policy vis-à-vis the Democratic People ’s Republic of Korea” 08/2013

Sarenac, Andrea “Organized Crime in the Former Eastern European Countries” 08/2013  

2011-2012        DiClimente, Nicolas “Threats to North American security and measures to ameliorate them” 08/2012

Chambers, Shakir “The rise of China in a new American century: Implications for Asia- Pacific security and America’s global position” 08/2012

2010-2011       Stuart-Ross, Amanda “Biological Terrorism” 08/2011       

2009-2010       Summers, Matt “Evolutionary Terrorism: Global Jihadism, Self-Radicalization, and the Debate over the Al-Qaeda Threat” 08/2010

2008-2009        Burrows, Justin “Neorealism and Threats: The Confounding Case of International Terrorist

Networks” 12/2009

Kowalski, Adam “Liberal Peacebuilding and its Limitations: Evaluation United Nations’ Transitional Administration” 08/2009

2007-2008        Cameron, Keith “Risk, Cost and Control in NATO Burdensharing: Apportioning Atlas’ Load” 08/2008

2006-2007       Gregoire, Matthew “Terrorism and Chemical and Biological Weapons in the Twenty-first Century” 08/2007

2005-2006       Al-Shikarchy, Mariam “Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East: An Examination of Iran and Israel’s Nuclear Rationales” 08/2006               

                        DaPonte, Andie “Missing Pieces in the Nuclear Puzzle: The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and a Nuclear Weapons Convention” 08/2006

2004-2005       Harrington, Cameron “Living Rooms and Battlefields: Struggles between News Media, Public Opinion, and War” 08/2005

                        McLaren, Josh “The Evolution of American Nuclear Weapons Policy” 08/2005

Wettlaufer, Brian “The Evolution of the North Korean Nuclear Program and the Implications for Japan’s Defence Policy” 08/2005

Name and Titles of Master’s Thesis as the sole supervisor:  8

*After 2002, students wrote a Master’s Research Paper (MRP) rather than defended a thesis.

2001-2002        Circone, Miguel “Confidence-Building Measures in the Middle East” 07/2002

2000-2002       McHale, Chris “Voluntary Accession by the United States and Canada to the Chemical Weapons Convention” 07/2002             

1999-2000        Davidson, Elizabeth “The New European Security Framework: NATO and the OSCE Transformed?” 09/2000

                        Mathai, Ben “Alliance Theory, East Asia and the Japan-US Security Relationship” 09/2000

1997-1998        Dart, Kelly “Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament in South Africa and Ukraine: A Level of Analysis Approach” 09/1998

Shariff, Michael Modelling the Adaptation of Canadian Forces Peace Support Training on the Basis of Operational Change” 09/98

1995-1996        O’Connor, Rory “Impediments to Successful UN Intervention” 09/1996

Ro, Wendy “Fears of Abandonment and Entrapment: An Inquiry into Western European Relations with the United States in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization” 05/1996

Second Reader of MRPs and MA thesis examiner: approximately 30 MRPs and 5 theses

*The 30 names and titles are not included in this document.

Invited Lecturer and Plenary Participant: approximately 360 Canadian and international officers

2005-2011       Canadian Forces College (CFC), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

*The names and titles of officers that Professor Simpson taught in the CFC program are not included in this document nor are the titles of their MA papers. She delivered an annual 1-day seminar over 6 years in the graduate program for Canadian officers. She was also invited to deliver the plenary lecture on NATO.