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Erika Simpson is an Associate Professor of International Relations in the Political Science Department at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. She is available to the media to comment on international security problems and solutions; nuclear proliferation and nuclear disarmament; Canadian defense and foreign policy; NATO and nuclear weapons; and peacekeeping in Afghanistan and Libya.

Professor Simpson is the President of the Canadian Peace Research Association, a scholarly association, and a Past Vice-Chair of the Canadian Pugwash Group, the national affiliate of the Pugwash International Conferences on Science and Global Affairs. She is the author of many publications on NATO, nuclear disarmament and proliferation, and Canadian defence policy. Her first book NATO and the Bomb was published by McGill-Queen's University Press in 2001.

Formerly, she was a Visiting Fellow at UBC's Liu Institute; an Alton Jones Fellow; a CIIPS Senior Barton Fellow; a DND Security and Defence Forum Fellow; and a NATO Fellow.
Her media commentary for international media outlets since August 2021 has included [in alphabetical order]: Al Jazeera Television, CBC International Radio, CTV International News, Foreign Affairs Magazine, Global Television, The Hill Times, The National Post, Voice of Islam Radio, Zoomer Radio, etc
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Dr. Erika Simpson - Peacekeeping Expert
For more on NATO, Afghanistan and Iraq, please view “Scope with Waqar Rizvi: NATO: No Early Pullout, Iraq Expansion, Episode 368, Indus News (an English-language television show in Pakistan). The 30-minute show features interviews of Dr. Joel Sokolsky, Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston; Dr. Erika Simpson, University of Western Ontario and President of the CPRA; and Dr. Alistair Edgar, Balsillie School of International Affairs, Wilfrid Laurier University on Feb. 20, 2021: Indus News,
#64: Canadian Peace Work 2019
Professor Emeritus Metta Spencer also interviewed Erika Simpson for Episode 64 on “Canadian Peace Work 2019.” CAN YOU POST THIS ON THE CPRA BLOG, AND FACEBOOK. ALSO ON MY NEW WEBSITE. UNDER TELEVISION.If you are interested in academic peace research in Canada, and possibly joining the Canadian Peace Research Association, this might be a good 60-minute episode to pre-view. Please note that if you are interested in delivering an In-Demand Keynote speech and/or Panel Presentation at the CPRA annual meeting that will be held virtually under the auspices of the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences, June 2-4, 2021, please write Erika Simpson: as many deadlines are coming up this week and next week. You may have an opportunity to feature your lecture in front of all the Congress attendees over 2 weeks beginning in May until June 4, 2021 but you must write the Program Chair, Erika Simpson asap.
191 International Cooperation
You may also be interested in the interview today of Michael Simpson, Executive Director, British Columbia International Cooperation Council on International Cooperation, Episode 191 filmed on Feb. 22, 2021. This show also explains the 8 provincial and regional councils, bound together by the inter-council network and International Cooperation Canada. (Full Disclosure, Michael Simpson is Erika Simpson’s brother].                                                                         
To view a show on “Russia, NATO and Risk,” please view the latest Project Save the World show on Youtube, a meeting place and channel for activists around the world. They featured a program on Feb. 19, 2021 on “Russia, NATO and Risk,” Episode 190, with Dr. Sergey Rogov, emeritus director, Moscow Institute for U.S. and Canada Studies: Dr. Frederic Pearson, Director of Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Wayne State University, Detroit; Dr. Al Saperstein, Professor Emeritus Physics, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Wayne State University; Dr. Erika Simpson, President of the Canadian Peace Research Association and Professor at the University of Western Ontario; and Alyn Ware, Executive Director of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Disarmament ( and Director of the Basel Peace Office.To view the 60-minutes program click here:
World Nuclear Summit Leaders discuss the safe use of nuclear materials CTV News 2012                                                
Last week, President Trump blasted NATO leaders in Brussels for not paying their fair share and failed to commit to the fundamental pillar of the alliance: Article 5, which states that “an attack against one ally is considered to be an attack against all.” The Agenda examines Trump’s stance on the nearly 70-year-old alliance and what it means for its future. Western University Associate Professor Erika Simpson was a guest on the show.
Erika Simpson - Fukushima Disaster Due to Human Error
Lessons on the Fukushima Disaster CTV News 2012