Current and Recent Projects

Forchuk, C. (principal investigator), Fisman, S, Rudnick, A., Hoch, J., Lizotte, D., Isaranuwatchai, W, Wang, X, Collins, K., Eichstedt, J.,. Mann, R., Ramsay, D., Seth, P., Singh, D. Worsfold, M., Younger, J., & Reiss, J.(co-investigators) (2018-2020) TELEPROM-Y: Improving access and experience of mental healthcare for youth through virtual models of care. Ontario Centres of Excellence ($395,109.00 [plus in-kind of $530,630]).
Forchuk, C. (principal investigator), Vanderkwaak, G., Babcock, C., Benbow, S., Booth, R., Shariff, S., Reiss, J., Hinds, S., Northcott, S. (co-investigators) (2017-2020). Preventing Discharge to No Fixed Address Version 2. Ontario Trillium Foundation ($557,600).
Gaetz, S. (principal investigator), Forchuk, C., Mosher, J., Preston, V., Shapson, S. (co-investigators) (2013-2020). Canadian Observatory on Homelessness: Creating Policy Impact. Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) - Partnership Grant ($2,502,967).
Forchuk, C. (principal investigators), Richardson, J., Velji, K., Isaranuwatchi, W., Hoch, J., Abdulrazak, B., Wang, X., Rudnick, A., Booth, R., Reiss, J., Lizotte, C. (co-investigators) (2016-2018). Smart Homes: Developing and Testing Strategies Supporting Community Re-Integration for Clients with Severe Mental Illness. Canadian Institute of Health Research ($100,000).
Forchuk, C.(principal investigator), Richardson, J., Russell, G. (co-investigators) (2015-2018). Family Matters in London, Ontario: Understanding and Addressing Family Homelessness. Local Poverty Reduction Fund ($133,814).
Links, P.S.(principal investigator), Forchuk, C., Licskai, C., Sibbald, S., Vasudev, A., Valiquet, S., Zwarenstein, M. (co-investigators) (2014-2018). A Chronic Disease Management and Health Promotion Program (CDMHPP). Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry Dean's Research Inititative Grant ($218,425).
Forchuk, C.(principal investigator), Booth, R., Burhan, A., Hoch, J., Isaranwatchi, W., Lewis, M., Lizotte, D., Reiss, J., Rudnick, A., Seth, P., Vasudev, A., Chambers, M., Heisel, M., Nolan, F., Flint, A., Looper, K., Rej, S. (co-investigators) (2015-2017). TELEPROM-G: A Multicenter Study Evaluating Access and Care Delivery of Telehealth Services Among Community-Based Seniors. Canadian Frailty Network ($100,000).
Forchuk, C. (principal investigator), Capretz. M., Donelle, L. (co-investigators) (2015-2016). Evaluating Methods to Link Data Related to Homelessness and other Disadvantages Populations with Mental Illness and Addiction. Canadian Depression Research and Intervention Network ($10, 867).
Forchuk, C. (principal investigator), Kutcher, S., Fisman, S., Eichstedt, J., Capretz, M., Hoch, J., Rudnick, A., Singh, D., Collins, K. (co-investigators) (2013-2014). Youth - Mental Health Engagement Network. The Sandbox Project ($200,000).
Forchuk, C. (principal investigator), Richardson, J., Oudshoorn, A., Csiernik, R. (co-investigators) (2013-2014). An Assessment and Evaluation of London CAReS: Facilitating Service Integration Through Collaborative Best Practices. Homelessness Partnering Strategy and City of London ($95,290).
Forchuk, C. (principal investigator), Martin, M., Corring, C., Mustin-Powell, J., Campbell, R., McIntosh, L., Sherman, D., Cheng, R., Srivastava, R., Ouseley, S., Edwards, B., Reiss, J., Mithcell, B. (co-investigators) (2013-2015). Implementing the Transitional Discharge Model. The Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) ($1,400,046)
Richarson, J., Forchuk, C. (principal investigators) (2012-2014). A Canadian Model for Housing and Support for Homeless Veterans. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada ($1,981,472).
Forchuk, C (principal investigator), Rudnick, R., Reiss, J., Hoch, J., Petrenko, M., Godin, M., Corring, D., Donelle, L., Edwards, B., Mitchell, B., Neal, D., Ouseley, S., Vingillis, E., Campbell, R., Norman, R., Osuch, B. (co-investigators) (2011-2014). Mental Health Engagement Network (MHEN) - Connecting Clients with their Health Team. Canada Health Infoway (75%) in Partnership with TELUS and Lawson (25%) ($1,797,226)
Vingilis, Evelyn R., Bishop, Joan E.(principal investigators), Forchuk, C., Mitchell, Beth C. (Co-investigators) (2006-2009). Testing a framework for comprehensive evaluation of outcomes for clients in community mental health services. Canadian Institute of Health Research CIHR ($183,294).