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December 2014

Heading out for lunch with visiting alumnus, Jonathan Dube. Notice the cat calendar on the Wall of Losing.


The Group gets together for a holiday sushi lunch courtesy of pjr.

Group Dec 2014

June 2014

Showing a little appreciation for the campus sculpture "The Running Man" after summer convocation. From left to right: Vanessa (BSc), pjr (the man with the hat), Eleanor (MSc) all sporting their Hogwarts robes. 

The Running Man EM/VB grad

April 2014

The Group ventures over to the North Campus Building to learn about ice-phobic surface testing.

ice   ice a

ice r   ice t

Jonathan shows off his diarylgermylene crystals after demonstrating reversible activation of P4.

March xtals

March 2014

Jonathan leads Cam, Ben and Vanessa through changing charcoal and glove swapping Standard Opperating Procedures (SOPs).

Changing Charcoal Gloves

February 2014

Watching the Winter Olympics at the Grad Club on a Friday afternoon.

Group 2014