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December 2019

Ragogna group takes the ice!

Ragogna group skating

October 2019

Vanessa successfully defends her PhD thesis and the group gathers at the Grad Club for some drinks followed by Norma Jean's for live band Rockaoke! Matt and Tristan sereade the crowd with their rendition of Wonderwall! 



Fall 2019

The group poses with giant French Fries statue ...Which even have a vertical advantage over pjr!!!

Fall Group 2019

CCCE 2019

The group gearing up for some sangria and paella joined by special guests, Tim Clark from Green Center and group alumnus Jay Dutton!

A montage of Ragogna group presentations in Québec City from Vanessa (talk & poster), Matt (talk & poster), Tristan (talk & poster), JW (talk) and Jeanette (poster).



April 2019

Group lunch at Los Lobos! Photo cred.: PJR.

March 2019

Welcome to our new PDRA Ghazale!