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December 2016

Congratulations to Tyler on his successful PhD defense!!! 




November 2016

Some of the group got into the costumes at the chemistry department's holiday party.

The group takes a field trip out to the new Last Stand exhibit to confront the Muk Yan Jong dummies. Deeksha starts us off ready to open up a can of whoopass on these guys. Ben and Tyler go in for roundhouse kicks, while Soheil tries to send that dummy into a flying cartwheel wipeout. Daniella and Troy run distractions as double agents with a hug and game of catch so Cam and Talyor can sneak in with a knee and a foot to the gut. Tristan goes in for a sucker punch, Vanessa rocks a chokehold, Matt shows off his battle scar and pjr takes one for the team. 








Fall 2016 Group

September 2016

They're off to the races! Welcome to our three 4491 students: Deeksha mentored by Cam, Troy mentored by Vanessa and Daniella mentored by Benjamin!


July 2016

Vanessa and Matt suit up for the Nanofab clean room to do some electron beam lithography. Showing some school pride with a W[ester]N chemistry microchip pattern. Read more about it here!


June 2016

Jen and Taylor go from undergraduates to graduates at the other end of the stage (missing Josh), all three off to grad school in the fall! PJR is loving his outfit. 


Ben, Vanessa and Cam give lectrues on their research at the CSC.


Highlights from the CSC in Halifax: Ben, Cam and Vanessa meet group alumnus Caleb Martin. Vanessa learned about exploring the space at Bearly's.


May 2016

The much anticipated pyrolysis team shirts are ready! Front design inspired by the burning man festival, while each member got to select their own theme song for the back. PJR is SABOTAGE, Amir is Mr. Fahrenheit, Joe is The Ring of Fire and Vanessa is a Pyromaniac!  


All hands on deck for the biennial chemical freezer thaw in BGS 2006. Found: six cork rings, no mammoths (fingers crossed for next time) in the ice and some old post cards on top of the freezer. 



April 2016

Cam shows off his (Ar*)P(NiPr)2 -> (Ar*)PCl2 set up. Take a look at the synthetic details here!

March 2016

Everyone draws their swords to help the fourth year students with their thesis presentations. Pizza, beer and some grilling.

February 2016

Tristan's Ge-ene polymerization, watch how the reaction mixture turns into a gel as a polymer network forms!