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December 2022

The Crew prepares for Christmas (in November!!!) and celebrates the holidays!!!

November 2022

The Crew heads out to IDW at Brock University! Mehrnoosh, Alex and John presents great oral presentations! Ian, Gabby and Mehrnoosh (too!) presents amazing poster presentations!

      John IDW 2022                 Mehrnoosh talk

Alex IDW 2022


      Gabby and Paul IDW 2022                   Ian IDW 2022

Paul and former advisor

IDW 2022 Group Photo

October 2022

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April 2022

The Crew gets together to do an Escape Room. Losers (Mansion Murder): Justin, Jessica, Gabby, Mehrnoosh, Jeanette, Jeff Collins (future Crew member). Winners (Budapest Express): Ian, Alex, Carmen (former Crew member), Mike, Tristyn, J-W.

We enjoy some bubble tea & Korean food right after!

Escape room 2022    Food after escape room 


March 2022

Justin participated in the 2022 RSC Poster competition and wins runner up in the RSC Materials section. Errant Science made a mini cartoon abstract about his research!


                 Winner        RSC Poster Winner

Group Photo Fall 2021
Mehrnoosh shares delicious baked treats with the crew!
Delicious Treats
Mike wins 1st place for the best oral in the inorganic chemistry section at South Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference (SOUSCC)! Congrats (need photo!)!

February 2022

Sofia & Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson are twins!!! 

Sofia & The Rock

January 2022

The Ragogna Group (with former crew member Carmen) takes the ice again in 2022! No kids were knocked over this time (bottom pic shows proof)!


                     Crew on ice   Crew on ice

No kids were knocked over