Shrabani was born in India where she completed her 5 years Int. BS-MS degree from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Kolkata. Her masters’ thesis was focused on synthesis of luminescent Pt-Ru-Pt assembly for hydrogen evolution through water splitting. She is currently working with the Gilroy group at the Western University on Molecular and Macromolecular Materials from Phosphadiazonium Cations . Being a first timer in Canada, Shrabani is excited for the opportunities and exposure in her graduate life. Outside of chemistry, she enjoys cooking, hiking, travelling, and spending time with story books, friends, and family.

Group Members

Graduate Students

Jessica grew up in Mississauga, ON and completed her Honours Specialization in Chemistry degree at Western University in the Ragogna group. During this time, she worked on phosphane-ene chemistry towards new types of polymer coatings. After spending a summer in Banff, AB, she moved back to London and is currently a jointly supervised MSc student in the Gilroy and Ragogna groups where she continues to work on the development of novel coatings as a member of the Carbon to Metal Coating Institute. Jessica enjoys hiking, travelling, and drinking peach-flavoured Moscato.

Group Alumni

Recent Undergraduate Students

Postdoctoral Fellows

Jacquelyn Price, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-2014
                         -Currently - Nurse, MLHU
Erin was born and raised in the small town of Mount Brydges, Ontario and recently completed an Honours Double Major degree in Chemistry and Environmental Science. She is currently working with the Gilroy group as an NSERC-funded graduate student while working on a project that involves extending the degree of pi-conjugation in boron difluoride formazanate dyes. Outside of chemistry, Erin enjoys hiking, camping, and spending time with her dogs, friends, and family.
Erin Cotterill
Jessica Bosso
John Trant, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014-2015
                         -Currently - Associate Professor, University of Windsor

Undergraduate Students

Anastasia Colomba, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2015-2017
                         -Currently - Chem. Eng. Consulting Manager, KPMG

Graduate Students

Joseph A. Paquette, OGS & NSERC PhD Student, 2013-2016
                         -Currently - Chemist, Canada Border Services Agency
Amir Rabiee Kenaree, PhD Student, 2013-2016
                         -Currently - Polyethylene Produces Development Scientist, Nova Chemicals
Stephanie M. Barbon, OGS & NSERC PhD Student, 2013-2017
                         -Currently - Senior Chemist, The Dow Chemical Company
Samantha Novoa, NSERC MSc Student, 2015-2017
                         -Currently - Project Leader, Imperial Oil
Francis was born in the Philippines and immigrated to Canada in 2006. He received his B.Sc. in Biomedical Science (Hons) at Ryerson University and completed his undergraduate thesis under the supervision of Prof. Russell Viirre and Prof. Sarah Sabatinos. Following this, Francis undertook internships working with innovation-focused organizations where he worked in different branches of chemistry. His graduate research in the Gilroy group will involve the synthesis and characterization of formazan scaffolds with extended pi-conjugation. In his free time, Francis likes to read sci-fi novels, hang out with his cats and spend inordinate amounts of time on his computer.
Francis Buguis
Alex Van Belois, MSc Student, 2016-2018
                         -Currently - Research Chemist, Imperial Oil
Alicia Battaglia, Chem 4491 student, 2018-2019
                         -Currently - Graduate Student at U of T (Seferos Group)
Benjamin Katzman, Chem 4491 student, 2018-2019
                         -Currently - Medical School at McMaster
Ryan Maar, NSERC PhD Student, 2015-2019
                         -Currently - Senior Chemist, The Dow Chemical Company
Raj Vasdev, MSc Student, 2017-2019
                         -Currently - Territory Manager, Peak Scientific
Francois Magnan, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2018-2019 
                         -Currently - Senior Lab Instructor, University of Ottawa
Shaun Milkovich
Shaun grew up in London, Ontario. He completed the first two years of his undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria before transferring to Western University to finish his Honours Specialization Degree in Chemistry. His undergraduate thesis project focused on the application of high pressure to sodium-organic ion electrodes and induced structural changes. He also has previous research experience in medical biophysics studying capillary fascicles in skeletal muscle. Shaun joined the group in the fall of 2021 and his research focuses on designing new main group heterocycles. He enjoys watching and playing sports, especially hockey. His other pastime activities include reading, hiking and fitness.
Alexander Watson, Chem 4491 student, 2019-2020
                         -Currently - NSERC Graduate Student at Western (Gilroy/Ragogna Groups)
Sara Catingan, Chem 4491 student, 2019-2020
                         -Currently - NSERC Graduate Student at McGill (Moores Group)
Michael Anghel, MSc Student, 2018-2021
                         -Currently - Materials Engineer, Trojan Industries
Alexandra Ly, Chem 4491 student, 2020-2021
                         -Currently - Graduate Student at McMaster (Adronov Group)
Yasmeen Jaberi
Yasmeen was born in Saudi Arabia and later moved to London, ON where she is completing her Honours Specialization Degree in Chemistry. As a 4491 student, she is synthesizing a random copolymer combining boron difluoride formazanates and fluorenes to explore the optical and redox properties of these organic pi-conjugated polymers. Outside of chemistry, she enjoys spending time with friends, travelling, and practicing yoga.
Benjamin Katzman, NSERC MSc Student, 2019-2021
                         -Currently - Medical School at McMaster
Alexander Watson
Alexander was born and raised in London, Ontario and just completed his Honours Specialization in Chemistry degree at the University of Western Ontario. He is currently working with the Gilroy and Ragogna groups as an NSERC-funded graduate student while exploring the chemistry of phosphorus-containing heterocycles. Other than chemistry, Alexander enjoys playing baseball, a good book and long walks on the beach.
Jessica Bosso, NSERC USRA, 2021
                         -Currently - NSERC Graduate Student at Western (Gilroy/Ragogna Groups)
Shrabani Khan
Michael Grant, Chem 4491 student, 2021-20221
                         -Currently - Graduate Student at University of Calgary (Welch Group)
Sung Yuan (Nathan) Hsu, Chem 4491 student, 2021-2022
                         -Currently - Graduate Student at U of T (Tran Group)
Jeff was born in El Paso, Texas and came to Canada for school in 2012. He completed his B.Sc in Chemistry at Western where he worked in the Huang group during his Chem 4491 where Jeff studied Xe adsorption in MOFs using solid-state NMR. Working jointly with the Gilroy and Ragogna Groups, he is studying novel surface coatings for his graduate work. When not studying chemistry, Jeff enjoys keeping up with the latest computer hardware and trying new restaurants wherever he finds himself.
Jeffrey Collins


Ian was born and raised in London, ON before left the city to complete his undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph. He then left Ontario for the Wild West, completing his Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Eric Rivard at the University of Alberta, where he studied the applications of N-heterocyclic olefins in catalysis and main group chemistry. He is happy to be back home, where he works on main group polymers as a post-doctoral associate in the Gilroy and Ragogna groups. He looks forward to hiking, camping, and cooking with the province’s fresh produce (something he has dearly missed!).
Ian Watson
Sofia Sirohey, NSERC USRA, Summer 2022
                         -Currently - NSERC Graduate Student at UBC (Schafer Group)
Daniela Cappello, NSERC PhD Student, 2017-2022
                         -Currently - Advanced Materials Synthetic Chemist, Halion Displays
Jasveer Dhindsa, NSERC PhD Student, 2017-2022
                         -Currently - Teacher's College
Mia Tripp
Mia grew up in Toronto, Ontario. She is currently in her fourth year completing an honours specialization in chemistry with a minor in geography and environment. As a joint student between professor Gateman and Gilroy she is focusing on the electrochemical deposition of polymers onto zinc. Outside of chemistry Mia enjoys hanging out with friends, running and working out.
Jack was born and raised in London, ON, completing his Honours Specialization in Chemistry at Western University. His undergraduate research focused on the development of nanoclusters capable of click chemistry, as a member of the Workentin group. Now joint between the Gilroy and Workentin groups, he works on integrating nanoclusters into polymers using click chemistry. Jack is an avid hockey enjoyer/player and pickleball athlete.
Jack Bowman
Mehrnoosh Raoofi, MSc Student, 2017-2022
                         -Currently - QA & Compliance Coordinator, Lintec Label & Print SOlutions