The Gilroy group is actively looking to apply our expertise to industrial problems. Interested partners are encouraged to contact Dr. Gilroy directly to explore opportunities for collaboration. The first step in this process usually involves a MITACS or NSERC partnership grant.

The Gilroy Group

Joe B. Gilroy
Department of Chemistry
The University Western Ontario
London, Ontario
Canada, N6A 5B7

Office: MSA 3201
Lab: MSA 3240
1 (519) 661-2111 (x81561)
Welcome to the Gilroy Group Website
We are a synthetic materials chemistry group located at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. Our research involves the exploration of many aspects of inorganic and polymer chemistry in order to realize materials with applications in a number of globally relevant areas including alternative energy research and the discovery of advanced materials with applications in catalysis and advanced sensing technologies.
We are always interested in hearing from students who are interested in graduate studies at UWO. Please contact Dr. Gilroy to discuss project availability. Unless specifically advertised, we are not generally in a position to hire postdocs. However, those interested in pursuing external funding are encouraged to contact Dr. Gilroy.
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The Gilroy Group - Nov 2023 (not pictured: Shaun Milkovich)
Industrial Collaborations
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