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Recent News

November 2022 - It's the end of an era with Jas and Daniela both doing a great job defending their PhD theses. Good luck to you both!
September 2022 - Jacob, Sean, and Gabby have joined the group for Chem 4491 projects. Looking forward to a successful year!
September 2022 - Erin and Jessica have rejoined the group for MSc projects. Welcome back both!
May 2022 - The group welcomes Sofia and Gabby for undergraduate research and Jeff for graduate studes. Welcome to the team everyone!
April 2022 - The group says goodbye to Nathan and Michael. Good luck with grad school gents!
September 2021 - Shaun, Mehrnoosh, Nathan, and Michael join the group for graduate and undergraduate studies. Mehrnoosh and Michael are jointly supervised with the Ragogna Group. Welcome to the team!
August 2021 - Ben departs after holding several positions in the group to start medical school at McMaster University. Good luck Ben!
May 2021 - Congrats to Michael for landing a job at Trojan Technologies. We'll miss you Mike!
May 2021 - The group welcomes Erin and Jessica (joint with Paul Ragogna) to the group for NSERC USRA projects.
April 2021 - Congrats to Alex on his success in the NSERC scholarship competitions.
April 2020 - Congrats to Daneila, Francis, Ben, and Alex on their success in the NSERC scholarship competitions.
December 2019 - Ryan ends his tenure in the lab with one last award - the de Mayo Research Award for the best PhD thesis in Chemistry. Congrats Ryan, and good luck getting started at Dow!
November 2019 - The group delivers 4 posters and 1 oral presentation at the Physical Organic Minisymposium held at York University. Congrats to Daniela on her first place oral presentation prize!
September 2019 - Raj does the group proud at his MSc defense and moves on to his new position at Agilent Technologies. Best of luck Raj!
August 2019 - After a very productive summer, Adyn (Stillman Group) and Jas publish papers in Angew. Chem. and Dalton. Very nice job!
July 2019 - Ryan does a great job defending his PhD thesis and becomes the group's fourth PhD graduate. Congrats Ryan!
June 2019 - The group delivers 6 talks and 2 posters at the 2019 CCCE meeting in Quebec City. Great job everyone!
May 2019 - Great news to end the week. Daniela has been awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship and Ryan has won the CSC Tavel Award. Congratulations!
May 2019 - The group welcomes Sara for a joint NSERC USRA project with the Fanchini group. Welcome back!
May 2019 - The group says goodbye to Chem 4491 students Alicia and Maddy. Best of luck to both of you at U of T!
April 2019 - Jas has been awarded a prestigious NSERC CGS-D scholarship to carry out his work on emissive polymers. Well done Jas!
March 2019 - Congrats to Daniela and Alex (Lagugne-Labarthet group) on the acceptance of their collaborative paper to CEJ. Hopefully the first of many for both of you!
January 2019 - The good news keeps rolling in as Ryan is selected to deliver a presentation in the Emerging Materials Researchers Symposium at the upcoming CSC meeting in Quebec. Congrats Ryan!
December 2018 - Congratulations to Ryan who has won a CAMBR travel award and had his paper describing a near-IR dye accepted to Angewandte Chemie!
December 2018- Congratulations to Alex and Ryan who have published their work on dialkynyl borane formazanate chemistry in Inorganic Chemistry!
September 2018- The group says goodbye to Alex after he defended his MSc thesis. Best of luck at Imperial Oil!
September 2018- The group welcomes two new graduate students (Michael and Francis) and three thesis students (Alicia, Ben, and Maddy). Welcome everyone!
May 2018 - Ryan presents his group-14 formazanate work at the CSC meeting in Edmonton and has a paper describing the same work accepted to Angewandte Chemie. Well done Ryan! The hard work paid off.
May 2018- Steph returned to UWO as the de Mayo awardee to tell us about her light-driven and sequence controlled polymerization work in the Hawker lab. Thanks for the visit and keep up the good work!
May 2018 - Jas and Ryan lead a collaborative project with the Lagugne-Labarthet crew focused on a new class of redox-active semiconducting polymers that was published in Chemical Communications. Congrats everyone!
May 2018 - The group welcomes Alicia and David for summer research projects. We're looking forward to having you on the team!
April 2018 - April is off to a great start with Ryan winning the Lipson-Baines Award for best PhD-level departmental seminar and Jas landing an NSERC CGS-M scholarship. Well done to the both of you!
March 2018- Steph has been awarded the prestigious de Mayo Lectureship. We look forward to hearing about her research this spring!
February 2018 - Frank has joined the group as a PDF to work on stable radical polymers for organic electronics applications. Welcome aboard Frank!
January 2018 - Mahdi and Steph's electrochemiluminescence article has been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Congrats to all team members, it was a long time coming for this one!
October 2017- October is off to a great start with Steph being awarded the Governor Generals' Gold Medal. Congrats Steph!
September 2017- Ryan, Amir, and Ben's paper involving a multidisciiplinary team and describing phosphine-oxide-supported aluminum formazanate complexes is accepted for publication in Inorganic Chemistry. Congrats everyone!
September 2017 - The group welcomes Chris and Zach to the lab. Good luck with your thesis projects gents!
September 2017 - The group is excited to welcome Daniela and Jasveer to the lab for graduate studies. Welcome aboard!
September 2017 - Steph, Jasmine, and Ryan have their colalborative paper accepted to Inorganic Chemistry. It took a while guys, but the end result was worth it!
August 2017 - Steph leaves for to take up a Banting PDF at UCSB with Craig Hawker. You'll certainly be missed Steph!
August 2017 - Sam defends her MSc and starts as a Project Leader at Imperial Oil 3 days later. Good luck Sam, don't forget to stop by!
May 2017 - Steph's paper describing unusual BN compounds and is accepted to Angewandte Chemie. Congrats Steph!
April 2017 - Amir's paper on heterotrimetallic polymers has been accepted for publication in Organometallics. Nice work Amir!
April 2017 - Raj and Scott finish up their 4491 projects in the lab and move on to the next phases of their careers. Good luck guys!
April 2017 - The group says goodbye to Anastasia, as she leaves to take up a consultant position with KPMG. All the best Ana!
March 2017 - Joe and Amir publish their green nickel polymers in Polymer Chemistry on St. Patrick's day. Nice teamwork and timing gents!
February 2017 - Anastasia's collaborative paper with 3M Canada describing carbon-based filtration membranes is published in a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Chemistry. Congrats Ana!
December 2016- Big changes in the group as Joe and Amir defend their PhD theses. The group won't be the same without you guys, best of luck with your postdocs!
November 2016 - Samantha Novoa was awarded a second place poster prize at the 49th IDW held in Hamilton, ON. Congrats Sam!
November 2016 - Congrats to Steph, Sam and Desiree for publishing their collaborative group with the Luyt group in Organic Chemistry Frontiers. A nice example of collaborative work paying off!
October 2016 - Congrats to Sab and Joe for publishing their memristor work in Advanced Electronics Materials. Nice to see the results of this team effort.
October 2016- After six months of reviews/revisions, Amir's paper on heterobimetallic polymers and their use as precorsors to metal-rich nanomaterials was published in Dalton Transactions. Congrats Amir!
September 2016 - The group welcomes Raj, Scott, and Alex to the group. Best of luck with your studies gentlemen.
July 2016 - Joe's comprehensive paper on pi-conjugated polymers based on Goedken's macrocycle has been published in the Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry. Congrats Joe!
July 2016 - Ryan's communication on AIE-active BF2 formazanates has been published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C. It was a lot of work, but worth the wait. Congrats Ryan.!
June 2016 - Congrats to Steph Barbon for winning best oral presentation at BORAM 2016 (Kingston, ON).
May 2016 - Steph's paper on pi-conjugated BF2 formazanate polymers has been published in Polymer Chemistry. Better put the champagne on ice!
April 2016 - More great news! Sam has been selected as a recipient of an OGS award for the 2016-2017 academic year.
April 2016 - Ryan has been awarded a prestigious NSERC CGS-D award to fund the remainder of his PhD research. Fantastic news Ryan!
April 2016 - The group says goodbye to Jasmine, Desiree, Connor, and Aaron after an excellent showing on Chem 4491 day. Best of luck guys, remember to keep in touch.
April 2016 - After a few quiet months, the group is back on the board with Steph taking home the Lipson-Baines Award and the Robert and Ruth Lumsden Graduate Fellowship. Well done Steph!
January 2016 - Joe and Sab's collaborative paper on semiconductive verdazyl radical polymers with switchable properties  has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry. It took a while, but it was worth it!
January 2016 - Mahmood and Amir's collaborative paper on coinage metal complexes of ferrocenylethyl phosphines has been accepted for publication in Dalton Transactions. Nice job guys!
December 2015 - Dr. Anastasia Colomba has joined the group as a PDF. Welcome aboard!
December 2015- The group receives NSERC Engage & MITACS funding to work on industry-driven projects targeting conductive thin films and membranes.
November 2015- Amir and Ethan's paper on Group 6 metal pentacarbonyl complexes is published in Dalton Transactions. Well done fellas!
November 2015- Sam, Joe, Steph, and Ryan's paper is published in Journal of Materials Chemistry C after almost two years of work! Great result from a lot of teamwork, keep it up!
October 2015 - Finally! Steph and Pierga's paper on radical/gold nanoparticles has been accepted to SYNLETT. Another example of collaborative research leading to results that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Nice job guys!
September 2015 - Desiree, Jasmine, Connor, and Aaron join the group for their Honours Thesis Projects. Welcome!
August 2015 - Congrats to Amir and Steph on their collaborative paper with the Ragogna and Gillies groups being accepted to Organometallics. Air stable alkyl phosphines anyone? 
August 2015 - Congrats to Ryan and Steph on their collaborative paper with the Luyt group being accepted to Chemistry - A European Journal. The start of a great partnership! 
June 2015 - Steph takes home an oral presentation award from the 98th CSC Conference in Ottawa, ON. Congrats Steph!
June 2015 - The group presents 4 talks and 2 posters at the 98th CSC Conference in Ottawa, great job everyone!
June 2015 - The champagne bill is getting a little large as Steph, Jackie, and Umesh publish their boron difluoride dimer work in RSC Advances. Nice work guys!
May 2015 - The group is highlighted in a Young Career Focus article in SYNFORM. To read the article, click here.
May 2015 - Jasmine joins the group as an NSERC USRA student. Welcome aboard!
May 2015 - Tommy, Ethan, and Jordan leave the group for various ventures. Thanks for all the hard work guys. Enjoy your summer.
April 2015 - More bubbly! Steph's paper on pi-conjugated boron difluoride complexes has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Organic Chemistry.
April 2015 - Great news keeps rolling in. Joe (PGS-D), Ryan (CGS-M), and Sam (CGS-M) all land NSERC scholarships. Great job guys, this is fantastic news!
March 2015- Ryan, Sam, and Tommy represented the group at the 2015 SOUSCC conference at U of T Mississauga and Ryan took home a second place presentation prize from the inorganic division. Well done guys!.
March 2015 - Tommy, Steph, and Jackie's collaborative paper with Pierga and the Workentin group is accepted to Chemical Communications. Nice job guys, hopefully this is the first of many!
February 2015 - Ryan and Jasmine receive NSERC USRA scholarships for summer research. Congrats guys!
January 2015 - Steph's collaborative paper with the Ding group has been accepted for publication in Chemical Communications. Congrats Steph.
January 2015 - Amir's collaborative paper with the Ragogna group has been accepted for publication in Chemistry of Materials. Nice job Amir.
December 2014 - Joe won a first place poster prize at the Western Science Interdisciplinary Research Showcase. Well done Joe!
November 2014 - Ryan has been awarded the Chemistry Alumni Scholarship for his achievements during the 2013-2014 academic year. Nice job Ryan, it's good to see the hard work is paying off.
November 2014 - Ethan has been selected to participate in the Inorganic Chemistry Exchange (ICE) program and will be working with Prof. Robin Hicks at the Univeristy of Victoria during the summer of 2015. Congrats Ethan!
October 2014 - Joe and Ethan have their paper describing metallopolymers based on nickel(II) complexes of Goedken's macrocycle accepted to Macromolecular Rapid Communications. Good job finishing this project and beating all of our deadlines guys!
September 2014 - The group welcomes John (postdoc), Samantha (Chem 4491), and Tommy (Chem 4491). Ryan (Chem 4491) and Ethan (work study) have also re-joined the group for the 2014-2015 academic year. Welcome everyone.
September 2014 - Steph, Jackie, and Pauline's paper on structure-dependent properties of triarylformazanate boron difluoride complexes is accepted to Inorganic Chemistry. Nice one guys!
August 2014 - The group receives NSERC Engage funding for an industrially-motivated project.
July 2014 - After a lot of hard work, Amir's paper is accepted to Chemical Communications. Congrats Amir!
July 2014 - Steph, Pauline, and Jackie's paper describing 3-cyanoformaznate boron difluoride dyes has been accepted for publication in Chemistry - A European Journal. Keep them coming guys!
July 2014 - Jackie lands a job at FPInnovations. Way to go Jackie!
July 2014 - The Gilroy group is featured on Western's Faculty of Science webpage.
July 2014 - JoeP has been awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS). Congrats Joe, this is well deserved!
June 2014 - After much hard work, Jackie, JoeP, and Kit's verdazyl polymer paper has been accepted for publication in Polymer Chemistry. Congrats Guys!
June 2014 - JoeG has been awarded the 2014-2015 Western Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award, which will fund a project centred around heavy metal recovery from industrial waste water.
May 2014 - Ethan, William, and Umesh join the group for summer research projects. Welcome aboard guys!
April 2014 - Steph has been awarded an Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS-D) that will span the duration of her graduate studies in the Gilroy group. Congrats Steph!
March 2014- Pauline does the group proud and delivers a presentation describing her honours project research at the SOUSCC in Windsor and at the Department of Chemistry's Chem 4491 day.
January 2014 - The New Year is off to a good start as Steph has been awarded the 2013 Society for Chemical Industry (SCI) Merit Award. Congrats Steph!
December 2013 - JoeG has been awarded a 2014 Thieme Chemistry Journal Award after being identified as a promising young professor by the editorial boards of Synlett, Synthesis, and Synfacts.
November 2013 - The group travels to York University for our first IDW and Steph takes home a runner-up prize for best oral presentation. Well done Steph!
September 2013 - Steph's paper on dimeric boron complexes is accepted to Dalton Transactions. Congrats Steph!
September 2013 - The group welcomes Jackie, Pauline, Ryan, and Devin as we grow to 8.
July 2013 - David has moved on to pursue his medical career at St. Georges University. Good luck David.
May 2013 - The group welcomes David Bocking, an NSERC USRA student who will work in the area of stable radical polymer chemistry.
April 2013 - Kit leaves the group, but not before drawing up some important ninjee womping instructions for his lab mates.  Good luck Kit.
April 2013 - Kit and Steph present their work at the annual Chem 4491 presentation day.  Congrats to both of them on a great job this year.
April 2013 - Steph has decided to stay for the summer and beyond as a NSERC funded graduate student.  Nice one Steph!
March 2013 - Steph and Kit travel to McMaster for the Southern Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference (SOUSCC) where Kit won an oral presentation prize. Congrats Kit!
January 2013 - The group grows to 5 as Joe and Amir join us to pursue graduate degrees. 
October 2012 - Zac Alperstein joins the group and will work as a volunteer undergraduate research assistant, welcome Zac. 
September 2012 - The group is happy to announce that Joe Paquette has decided to join us to pursue a Ph.D. degree (January 2013).
September 2012 - The group welcomes Stephane Barbon and Christopher (Kit) Harrison as Chem 4491 project students. Steph and Kit also performed the first of many reactions in the new lab.  
August 2012 - Our equipment and chemicals have started to arrive. It won't be long until we are fully operational.
July 2012 - Amir Rabiee Kenaree will be joining the group as a graduate student in January.