Invited Talks

  1. Materials Science & Technology Conference, Columbus (MS&T, Oct 3-7, 2015) - Surface Properties of Biomaterials - Harnessing Regenerative Potential of Nanocomposite Hydrogels as Bone Implants

  2. University of Cincinnati, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases Center, Cincinnati (Oct 7, 2015) - Nanocomposite Hydrogels as Biomedical Implants

  3. Center for Epigenetics and Stem Cell Biology, KUMC (March 24, 2015) - Advanced Bioactive Materials for Tissue Matrix Engineering and Regeneration Therapy

  4. KU Cancer Center Seminar Series (March 17, 2015) - BioEngineering Micro- and Nanomaterials for Medical Applications

  5. Midwest Conference on Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Conference, Kansas City, USA (Sept 19-20, 2014) - Engineering Nanomaterials for Stem Cell Based Cardiovascular Therapy

Podium Presentations

  1. Paul A, Shaw W, Waters Renae, Prakash S (2015). Designing Nanomaterial based Hybrid Hydrogels for Gene Delivery Application. Society for Biomaterials (SFB), Charlotte, NC (April15-18, 2015)

  2. Paul A, Al Kindi H, Hasan MD A, Shum-Tim D, Khademhosseini A (2013). Nanobioactive Hydrogel for Myocardial Therapy Applications. The 15th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME), NUS, Singapore Dec’13 (Oral Presentation, Session Chair).

  3. Paul A, Malhotra M, Elias C, Shum-Tim D, Prakash S (2009). Viral vector based gene therapy for angiogenesis of damaged cardiac tissues: a novel approach. McGill University Biomedical Engineering Student Research Day (Best Presentation)

Conference Abstracts

  1. Paul A, Shum-Tim, Prakash S (2012) Nanomedicine for Myocardial Gene Therapy. 12th Biomedical Graduate Conference (Montreal, Feb 16) (Best Graduate Research Project)

  2. MD Anwarul Hasan, GS Jeong, Arghya Paul, M Nikkhah, N Annabi, J Oh, M Dokmeci, A Khademhosseini (2013). A new technique for development of perfusable multilayered blood vessel-like structures on microfluidic chip. Society for Biomaterials, Boston, USA.

  3. Paul A, Khan A, Abbasi S, Shum-Tim D, Prakash S (2011) PEG Incorporated Polymeric Microcapsules for Intramyocardial Delivery of Stem Cells Genetically Modified by Baculovirus. NSTI Nanotech Conference, Boston, US.

  4. Paul A, Shum-Tim D, Elias C, Prakash S (2010). Insect cells for cytokine production and stem cell mediated gene therapy applications. Annual PEGS-the essential protein engineering summit, US.

  5. Paul A, Khan AA, Shum-Tim D, Prakash S (2010). Microencapsulated genetically modified stem cells for heart tissue regeneration. 2nd World Congress of International Academy of NanoMedicine, Turkey.

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  11. Binsalamah Z, Paul A, Khan A, Prakash S, Shum-Tim D (2011). Intramyocardial Sustained Delivery of Placental Growth Factor Using Nanoparticles as a Vehicle for Delivery in the Rat Infarct Model. Annual Terrence Donnelly Cardiac Residents' Research Day. (Best Oral Presentation)

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