Advanced biomaterials for stem cell-based cardiac repair

Engineered tissues, using advanced responsive biomaterials and biofunctionalized hydrogels, have the potential to address the shortage of replacement organs for patients who have suffered organ damage or failure. In particular, prevascualrized cell-based constructs are increasingly being examined as a means to recapitulate native organ structure and function. We are interested in applying microfabrication and nanoscaffold technologies to spatially control the positions of cells within 3D ECMs. To do this we develop complex spatial patterning of cells within 3D hydrogel networks using photopolymerizable chemistries.

In addition, fabrication principles are used to organize natural polymers into specific microscale structures to examine the cell morphogenesis for various biomedical applications such as angiogenesis, myocardial regeneration using stem cells, and wound healing implants. Furthermore, using bioconjugated molecules we are currently developing new type of nanoparticles for efficient drug delivery to target cancer cells and antibiotic resistant bacteria.