Medical Implants with immune-modulation properties

Vascular Devices:

Stent based vascular restenosis and thrombosis has been a major obstacle in the success of cardiovascular therapy. In the coming years I would like to focus on developing permanent and biodegradable stents based on biotherapeutic nanocoatings, and immobilization of stent surface with biomimetic molecules. In addition, contribute towards improving the mechanical properties of biodegradable stents to stop unwanted stent malapposition and recoiling. I believe my extensive in vitro and in vivo research experience in developing novel stent implants will empower me to develop the next generation stent, which will successfully address its current limitations.

Cardiac Implants:

Myocardial infarction has remained a significant cause of morbidity and mortality among adults, accounting for more than 15 million new cases each year worldwide. Organ transplantation and bypass surgery are the mainly available clinical solutions today, though they are highly invasive in nature. Stem cell transplantation has been considered as a major breakthrough in treating myocardial infarcted heart. However, survival and retention of transplanted cells at the infarct site has been a major concern so far. We are designing and developing different myocardial transplants to address this problem. We work in this direction to develop advanced cell transplants using suitable delivery systems, such as polymeric microcapsules, Injectable hydrogels, scaffolds, nanomaterials reinforced hydrogels, and genetically engineered stem cells (from different cell origins).